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Wm. W. White
William W. White
New York, NY
Active c.1827-c.1856, working silversmith, later jeweler. Succeeded by Wm. W. White & Son.

George Henry Whitford
Waltham, Massachusetts
(b.1829-d.1906) Active in Waltham from c.1865, Partnerships: Carter & Whitford and Whitford & Drew, both in Concord, NH. Jeweler, watchmaker & retail silversmith.

Whitford & Drew
Whitford & Drew
Concord, New Hampshire
Active c.1857-1864, George H. Whitford and George W. Drew, jewelers, watchmakers & (probably retail) silversmiths Successor to Carter & Whitford.

W, bird

W, sunrays
Frank M. Whiting & Co.
North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Active 1878-1940, major manufacturer, full line sterling flatware and holloware, became a division of Ellmore c.1940. Top mark not used after 1896.

F. M. Whiting Flatware Patterns

Whiting & Davis Co.
Whiting & Davis Co.
Plainville, MA ~ founded 1896
Charles A. Whiting & Edward P. Davis, successors to Wade, Davis & Co. Manufacturing jewelers and chain makers, after the 1907 development of a new manufacturing technique, Whiting & Davis became the world's largest maker of chain mesh accessories, specializing in women's handbags.

W, lion or griffin

W, lion or griffin
Whiting Manufacturing Co.
New York, New York ~ 1866 - 1926
Major manufacturer, full line of fine quality flatware and holloware.
Absorbed into Gorham in 1926.

Whiting Date Code Marks
Whiting Flatware Patterns

Wm.H.Whitlock William H. Whitlock
New York, NY
Active c.1805 - 1827

E. Whitney Eban Whitney
New York, NY
Active c.1805 - 1828

Whitney & Hoyt Whitney & Hoyt
New York, NY
Active c.1828 - 1841, Eban Whitney & Seymour Hoyt

Ebed Whiton
Boston, Massachusetts
(b.1802-d.1879) Active c.1826-c.1870, working silversmith. Slight possibility this is the mark of his cousin Elijah Whiton (b.1799-d.1871), active as a silversmith in Groton, MA c.1820-1840.

ed. weiner, robot head

Ed Wiener, sterling

Ed. Wiener

New York, NY & Provincetown, RI
studio jeweler & metalsmith

Charles C. Wientge Co.
Newark, New Jersey
Active c.1893-1896, then Wientge joined Lebkuecher & Co. and after the demise of that company c.1909, reopened his own firm (c.1910-c.1918), making jewelry and small sterling items. Weintge died c.1919.

W R Co Wilcox-Roth Co.
Newark, New Jersey
c.1905-c.1920, makers of small sterling items such as; tea infusers, salt & pepper shakers, etc.

Wilcox Silver Plate Co.
Meriden, CT
Active c.1867-1961, primarily a silverplate manufacturer, produced a line of sterling holloware in the mid-20th century. A division of International from 1898.

James Willard
East Windsor, Connecticut
Active 1st Q. 19th century.

W.W W, shield
location unknown
McGrew attributes mark to William Wallace Willard (b.1808-d.1876), his period of working without a partner was 1835-1844, however, the style of the mark would appear to date to c.1860-70, which should rule Willard out.

Willard & Hawley
Willard & Hawley
Syracuse, New York
Active 1844-1859, William Wallace Willard (b.1808-d.1876) and his former apprentice, John Dean Harley (b.1821-d.1913). Jewelers, watchmakers & manufacturing silversmiths, succeeded by Willard, Hawley & Co.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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