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H. H. Ladd & Co.
Manchester, New Hampshire
Horatio Homer Ladd, active c.1840-c.1880, silversmith, watchmaker & jeweler.

Wm.F.Ladd William F. Ladd
New York, NY
Active c1828 -c1845

L. Ladomus
Lewis Ladomus
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Active c.1840-c.1880, retail silversmith, watchmaker & jeweler.

V.L. & B.
Vincent Laforme & Brother
Boston, Massachusetts
Active 1850-1854, Vincent Laforme (1823-1893) & Francis J. Laforme at 5 Water St., working silversmiths.

T.Lafoy Theodore R. Lafoy
Newark, New Jersey
Active 1842-1854, silver retailer, watchmaker & jeweler.

LF C. Lamond Fils
Montreal, Canada ~ c. 1928 - c. 1970
Sterling souvenir spoons, some enamel work. Acquired the dies of the defunct Caron Bros. around 1930.

by Lampl Walter Lampl Co.
New York, NY ~ 1921 - 1959
Sterling & costume jewelry manufacturer.

Georg Jensen, LP

La Paglia Sterling

Alphone LaPaglia

Lapaglia Designed
Alphonse La Paglia

New Jersey ~ 1930s/40s
Connecticut ~ 1950's
Silversmith & jeweler.

La Pierre, L La Pierre Mfg. Co.
New York, NY & Newark, NJ ~ 1888 - Present
Sterling novelties and vanity items, a division of International Silver since 1929.

Larin Robert Larin
Montreal, Canada
active c.1968-1972
Worked in cast pewter, often plated.

A.Leach Almon Leach
Utica, NY
(b.1823) Active c1845 - 1880, silversmith & jeweler

crescent, L, Lebkuecher

Lebkuecher & Co.
Newark, New Jersey -- c1896 - 1909
Later became the Eleder - Hickock Co.

L, Lion, Handmade

Lebolt, Handbeaten
Lebolt & Co.
Chicago, IL
Active from c.1908
Manufacturers of Arts & Crafts handwrought sterling holloware, flatware & jewelry

N.Le Huray


Nicholas Le Huray Jr.
Philadelphia, PA
Active c1821 until his death in 1846

KFL, KLF Karl F. Leinonen
Boston, Massachusetts ~ 1901 - Present
Head smith at the Handicraft Shop, independant shop sometime after 1932
which became Karl F. Leinonen & Sons.

Matthias Lemaire
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
aka - 'Matthias Lamar'. Active c.1781-c.1803, at Market & Strawberry Street in 1801.


John Letelier Sr.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Active c.1770-c.1790, also worked; Wilmington, DE 1793-1794 and 1799-1800, Chester County, PA 1795-1798, possibly in Washington, DC c.1802

I. Letellier
John Letelier Jr.
Richmond, Virginia
Active 1808-1819, aka - John Letellier Jr., also worked; Chester County, PA 1796-1798; Wilmington, DE 1799-1804, Washington, DC 1804-1808. Junior originally worked with his father, he probably shared, and may have inherited, the "ILT" initial mark. Maker of the famous Thomas Jefferson cup/tumbler.

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