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H, stars *H*
Location Unknown
Active c1810 -1830. Possibly a variation on the mark of Daniel B. Hempsted


F.G. Hale
Frank Gardner Hale
Boston, MA
(1876-1945)Important arts & crafts jeweller, silversmith, enamelist and teacher. Medalist, Boston Society of Arts & Crafts.

G.Hall Green Hall
Albany & New York, NY
(b.1782 - d.1863) Active c1810 - 1854. Usually in partnership, most notably Hall, Hewson & Brower.

H.H.& B Hall, Hewson & Brower
Albany, NY
Active c1847 - 1850. Green Hall, S. Douglas Hewson & John D. Brower.

Ham & Cushing Ham & Cushing
Baltimore, Maryland
Active c.1850s, importers and wholesale dealers in watches, silverware and jewelry.

Hamilton, Sterling Hamilton
Unknown ~ mid 20th cent.
Usually weighted sterling

Hamilton, Sterling Hamilton
Unknown ~ mid 20th cent.
Mark found on some interesting Art Deco designs similar in style to the work of Alphonse LaPaglia.

Hamilton & Diesinger

Hamilton & Davis
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ 1880 - 1900
succeeded by Hamilton & Diesinger

hamilton-diesinger Hamilton & Hamilton
Providence, RI ~ c1896 - 1915

HS, anvil
The Handicraft Shop
Boston, Massachusetts
Founded 1897, it was the metalcraft dept. of the Boston Society of Art & Crafts. The mark is often seen with the initial of maker's mark of the silversmith. Amongst those who worked there were; Carl Forsen, Mary Knight, George Gebelein, Franz Gyllenberg, Karl F Leinonen, Katherine Pratt, Mary Hersey & Seth Ek worked. The pictured mark shows "G" for Gebelein.

W. Hannah William W. Hannah
Albany & Hudson, NY
Active c. 1840 - 1850, mark example is worn and missing its first "W"

N.Harding & Co Newell Harding
Boston & Haverhill, MA
(b.1796- d.1862) Active c1810 - 1854. Began in Haverhill, later in Boston with Newell Harding & Co. c1830 - 1860


Stephen Hardy
Boston, MA & Portsmouth, NH
(b.1781- d.1832) Apprenticed under Paul Revere, active in Portsmouth during the first quarter of the 19th cent.

Henry HarperHenry Harper
Philadelphia, PA
Active c1860 - 1880. Advertised "MANUFACTURE OF FINE SWORDS, SILVER WARE AND WATCHES", probably a retailer.

HS, sail, wolf Hartford Sterling Co.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ c1900 - 1930's
Mostly silverplate, some sterling

H&P Hartman & Phillips
Winchester, Virginia
Active 1802-1816. Daniel Hartman and William Phillips, silversmiths

Henry C. Haskell
New York, NY
Active c.1875-1915 Silver & gold jewelry, silver novelties. Maiden Lane, later John St. NYC.

H, buck

John Hasselbring
Brooklyn, NY ~ c.1890 - 1955
Small holloware and table accessories, absorbed into Crown Silver Inc.

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