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Saart Bros

Saart Brothers
Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1906 - Present
Full line, sterling and plated ware.

PS Philip Benjamin Sadtler
Baltimore, MD
(b.1771 - d.1860) Active c.1790 - 1860, as Sadtler & Pfaltz c. 1800 - 1806

H. Safford H. Harry Safford
Gallipolis, Marietta & Zanesville, OH
Active c.1800-1812

Salisbury & Co. Henry Salisbury
New York, NY
Active c.1830 - 1838. Salisbury & Co. c.1835

Edw. San Giovanni
Edward San Giovanni
Ridgefield, Ct.
(b.1904-d.1996) active 1940's/50's
Silversmith, held a number of design patents on silver serving objects and novelties. Was associated with Ridgefield Silversmiths and produced both silver and silverplate items.

George Savage
Montreal, Canada
Born in England and trained as a watchmaker. Active c.1818-1840. Primarily a retailer, subcontracted silversmith's work out, mainly to Bohle & Hendery. Succeeded by Savage & Son.

John York Savage
Raleigh & Salisbury, North Carolina
(b.1788-d.1865) Active c.1812-1850, silversmith, watch & clockmaker. Partnerships: Savage & Stedman with John C. Stedman, Raleigh (1819-1820), Savage & Kunsman with Henry Kunsman, Salisbury (1823-1824). Removed business to New York c.1830. Father to John Y. Savage Jr. & William Montgomery Savage, both jewelers.

M. S. Savage
location unknown
Active c.1860s, probably retailer.


W. M. Savage
William Montgomery Savage
Columbus, Ohio
(b.1814-d.1892) Active 1840-1892, retail jeweler & silversmith. Trained with his father, John Y. Savage, and became the one of the largest jewelers in Ohio. Both his father and brother, John Y. Savage Jr.(b.1818) had an interest in William's firm.

G.Savage & Son
G. Savage & Son
Montreal, Canada
Active 1840-1850. Successors to George Savage, became Savage & Lyman in 1850.

Savage & Lyman
Savage & Lyman
Montreal, Canada
Active 1850-1867. Successors to G. Savage & Son, became Savage, Lyman & Co. in 1868 and operated until bankrupted in 1878. Henry Birks started here and was the director until a year before the firm closed.

H. I. Sawyer
Henderson Inches Sawyer
New York, New York
Hartford, Connecticut
(b.1813-d.1858) Silversmith, active c.1835-1845 in NY, 1845-1858 in Hartford, CT.

J. Sayre

Joel Sayre
New York, NY
(b.1778-d.1818) Active c.1798-1818. Sayre was born in Southampton, Long Island and worked there from 1798-1802. He relocated to New York City and worked there 1803 until 1811. Brother of John Sayre

John Sayre
New York, NY
(b.1771-d.1852) Active 1796-1818, silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker. In partnership of Sayre & Richards (1802-1813). Retired from silversmithing after his brother Joel's death.

Sayre & Richards
New York, NY
Active 1802-1813, silversmiths, jewelers, and watchmakers. John Sayre & Thomas Richards.

Mark J. Scearce, Shelbyville Kentucky
Mark J. Scearce
Shelbyville, Kentucky
Active 1947-present. Wakefield-Scearce Galleries, antique dealers and retailers of custom made sterling julep cups. The mark can be dated by the inclusion of the initials of presiding U.S. president.

Schaezlein & Burridge
Schaezlein & Burridge
San Francisco, California
Active 1888-c.1906, makers of badges, medals, etc.. Succeeded by R. Schaezlein & Son.

R. Schaezlein & Son
R. Schaezlein & Son
San Francisco, California
Active c.1906-present, makers of badges, medals, & jewelry. In the early 1920s, the shop's focus switched entirely to sterling silver western buckles and mounts for horse tack & saddlery.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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