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C.G. St.John
Charles G. St. John
Macon, Georgia
(b.1811-d.1846) Active briefly in Saratoga Springs, NY (c.1834), then removed business to Macon. Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

H.N. Stanley
Horatio Nelson Stanley
Le Roy, New York
(b.1804-d.1850) Active from c.1825, jeweler, and watchmaker.

Starr & Marcus
Starr & Marcus
New York, NY
Active c1865-c.1877, high end retailers, the firms of Theodore B. Starr and Marcus & Co. both stem from Starr & Marcus.

theodore b. starr, star

S, dragon
Theodore B. Starr
New York, NY ~ ca1890's - 1924
Fine quality maker and retailer. Succeeded by Reed & Barton.

Stauffer & Harley Stauffer & Harley
Philadelphia, PA
Active mid nineteenth century.

E.Stebbins & Co. E. Stebbins & Company
New York, NY
Active c.1835-1845 Edwin Stebbins

Stebbins & Co., 264 Bway, NY Stebbins & Company
New York, NY
Active c.1845-1856 William Stebbins

Stebbins & Howe Stebbins & Howe
New York, NY
Active c.1830-1832 Edwin Stebbins & George C. Howe

Steele & Crocker
Steele & Crocker
Hartford, Connecticut
Active 1841-1844, silversmiths, Thomas Steele and Horace Crocker.

Stephan, billy club
Wilhelmina Stephan
Cleveland, Ohio
(b.1879-d.1947) Active c.1905-1943, silversmith, jeweler & enamelist of Arts & Crafts handwrought sterling & gold. Founding member of the Potter Shop with Horace Potter and a craftsman member of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts.

Henry Steig, Sterling

Steig, sterling
Henry Steig

New York, NY & Provincetown, RI
studio jeweler

SSMC, sterling The Sterling Silver Manufacturing Co.
Providence, RI
Active c.1909 to 1932, their flatware patterns were acquired by the Saart Brothers firm.

Steward & Stevens Steward & Stevens
White Creek & Cambridge, New York
William D. Steward and William R. Stevens. Active 3rd q. 19th century, jewelers & silver retailers.

W. D. Steward William D. Steward
White Creek, New York
Active mid nineteenth century, jeweler & retailer.

Stieff, sterling The Stieff Company
Baltimore, Maryland ~ 1904 - Present
Successors of the Baltimore Sterling Silver Co (f.1892)
Quality makers of Baltimore repousse flatware and holloware. Acquired Schofield and Kirk, now The Kirk-Stieff Company.
see > Stieff Date Code Marks

Philo Washburn Stocking
Wheeling, West Virginia
(b.1804-d.1882) Active from c.1825, jeweler, first in Batavia, NY, removed to Wheeling in 1829. Partnership of Stocking & Kipp (c.1829-1833). Bankrupt in 1839, he then went into the grain milling business. In the 1860s, began oil drilling with his son George Washburn Stocking.

General John Stilwell
Albany, New York
(b.1779-d.1831) var. Stillwell, active from c.1800, silversmith & jeweler. Master from c.1803 to Hermon Jenkins.

Stodder & Frobisher Stodder & Frobisher
Boston, MA
Active 1816-1825, Jonathan Stodder & Benjamin Frobisher, silversmiths & jewelers.

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