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S, wings

S, Wings
George W. Shiebler & Co.
New York, NY ~ 1876 - 1910
Fine quality maker, flatware, holloware and novelty items. Exceptional Medallion and Art Nouveau. Schiebler also acquired and produced from some of the pattern dies of H. Hebbard, J. Polhemus, A. Coles and Wood

Shiebler Flatware Patterns

Thomas Shields
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(b.1743-d.1819) Working silversmith, active 1765-c.1791.

Shmedtie, Wash. D.C.
Henry Shmedtie
Washington, DC
Active c.1870s. Apparently a retailer, listed in the 1870 census as a jeweler, aged 38 and a native of Holstein, Germany.

J. Shoemaker Joel Shoemaker
Philadelphia, PA
(b.1764 - d.1829) Active after 1793, thought to have worked in New York at some time.

S, bell, S

S, bell, S

Shreve & Co
Shreve & Co.
San Francisco, CA
Active c.1852 - present
Founded by Geo. C. Shreve as retail jewelers, the firm began manufacturing its own silverware around 1900 and produced some fine Arts & Crafts work.

Shreve Flatware Patterns

Shreve, Stanwood & Co, Boston Shreve, Stanwood & Company
Boston, MA
Active c.1860 Successors to Shreve, Brown & Company & precursors to Shreve, Crump & Low

Sibley John Sibley
New Haven, CT
c.1801 - 1810

William Harrison Sigourney
Watertown, New York
(b.1815-d.1895) Active 1836-1861, silversmith & jeweler, apprenticed with Calvin Guiteau. Partnerships: Sigourney & Turner with Alonzo B. Turner (1836-1842), Sigourney & Hitchcock with Robert Hitchcock (1849-1861). He retired from the jewelry trade and removed to New York City in 1861.

Anthony Simmons
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(d.1808) Active c.1798-1808, partnerships: Simmons & Williamson with Samuel Williamson (c.1797-1798), Simmons & Alexander with Samuel Alexander (c.1798-1804)

J.& A. S
J. & A. Simmons
New York, New York
Active c.1805-1813, James Simmons, silversmith & Abraham Simmons (b.1781-d.1815), engraver. Partnership dissolved c.1813

S.& P., hearts
Simmons & Paye
Providence, Rhode Island
Active 1897-1901, Jessie O. Simmons and Charles T. Paye. Production was mainly sterling souvenir spoons and novelties, they styled themselves as "The Souvenir House". Succeeded by Paye & Baker who moved to North Attleboro, MA in 1903.

J.& A. S
Simmons & Walter
Lockport, New York
Edward Simmons & P.D. Walter, active 3rd q. 19th C., jewelers & retail silversmiths.

S, shield, sterling

Simons Brothers
Philadelphia, Pa. ~ 1840 - Present
Full line of sterling ware, but discontinued flatware in 1908, their dies were sold to Alvin. Noteworthy Arts & Crafts work, also a major producer of sterling & gold thimbles.

J. Simpson
Jonathan Simpson
Bardstown, Kentucky
(b.1787-d.1863) Active c.1815-c.1860, working silversmith and maker of clocks and exceptional surveying instruments. Simpson removed to Louisville around 1850, then, in 1861, to Madison, Indiana where he later died.

S, shield, knight Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co.
Wallingford, CT ~ 1895-1898
Manufacturers of silverplate and sterling wares, absorbed into International Silver in 1898. International continued the use of this mark for many years into the 20th century.

S.& P., hearts
Sinclair Mfg. Co.
Chartley, Massachusetts
Active 1947-present, founded by John C. Sinclair. The firm made some sterling goods in the 1950's, but began specializing in sealed casings for electronic components shortly thereafter.

Location unknown
Active mid nineteenth century. (possibly the pewter mark of Amasa or George Sizer of Meriden, CT).

H.Fred Skaggs, hand made, sterling

H.Fred Skaggs, hand made, sterling
H. Fred Skaggs

Scottsdale, Arizona
Active c1960-1983, studio jeweler

Skinger, Sterling Joseph Skinger

Stowe, Vermont
active 1940s-1967, studio jeweler

Skinner & Sweet Skinner & Sweet
Boston, MA
Active 1846-1857, Alvah Skinner and James Sweet

Phyllis Phyllis Sklar
Boston, MA
active 1950s-1990s

Studio jeweler

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