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Classic Silver References

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Full Text Reference Books

Below are links to a number of classic silver reference books with full text and illustrations. Click on the title and the e-book will open in a new window. Once opened, click on the "contents" button to navigate or use the "search" function.

Note: If these texts are currently copyrighted in the country you are located in, you will not be able to view them.
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British Marks
Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate: Illustrated with Revised Tables...
William Chaffers & Christopher Alexander Markham - published by Reeves and Turner, London 1905
299 pages, profusely illustrated

Gilda Aurifabrorum: A History of English Goldsmiths and Plateworkers, and Their Marks
William Chaffers - published by Reeves and Turner, London 1899
267 pages, 2500 illustrations

Old London Silver: Its History, Its Makers and Its Marks
Montague Howard - published by B. T. Batsford, London & Scribner's, New York - 1903
405 pages, over 4,000 facsimiles of makers' marks & hallmarks
European Marks
Der Goldschmiede Merkzeichen (Goldsmith's Marks)
Dr. Marc Rosenberg - published by Heinrich Keller, Frankfurt Am Main 1890
illustrated encyclopedia of 2000 European silversmiths' and goldsmiths' master marks and hallmarks, text in German

Old French Plate; Its Makers and Marks
Wilfred Joseph Cripps - published by John Murray, London 1893
113 pages, many illustrations

Die Breslauer Goldschmiede (Breslau Goldsmiths)
Erwin Hintze - published by K.W. Hiersemann, Leipzig, 1906
215 pages, Breslau silverwork illustrated, makers' marks described, text in German

Hand Book to Foreign Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate
Christopher Alexander Markham, F.S.A. - published by Gibbings & Co., London, 1898
102 pages, with 163 silver marks
Tribal Silver
L'Orfévrerie Algérienne et Tunisienne (Algerian & Tunisian Goldsmithing)
Paul Eudel - published by A. Jourdan, Alger 1902
544 pages, North African silver & goldwork illustrated, some marks illustrated, text in French

Dictionnaire des Bijoux de l'Afrique du Nord: Maroc, Algárie, Tunisie, Tripolitaine
(Dictionary of North African Jewelry: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Tripoli)

Paul Eudel - published by Ernest Leroux, Paris 1906
242 pages, A-Z dictionary of North African silver & goldwork profusely illustrated, text in French
Silver Collections
American Silver of the XVII & XVIII Centuries: A Study Based on the Clearwater Collection
Alphonso T. Clearwater, Clara Louise Avery - published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, N. Y. 1920
216 pages, many illustrations, a fine survey of Early American Silver

The Old Royal Plate in the Tower of London
E. Alfred Jones - published by Fox, Jones & Co., Oxford 1908
78 pages, mostly illustrations including the marks

College and Corporation Plate: A Handbook to the Reproductions of Silver Plate in the South Kensington Museum
Wilfred Joseph Cripps, Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington Museum - published by Chapman and Hall, London 1881
155 pages of illustrations of outstanding historical pieces reproduced in electroform in the South Kensington Museum

The 1899 Trade Catalogue of the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company
Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company London 1899
326 pages of illustrations, a treasure trove of late Victorian flatware, holloware & novelties, great for identifying some of the more obscure Victorian items.
Sheffield Plate, Its History, Manufacture and Art: With Makers' Names and Marks
Henry Newton Veitch - published by George Bell & Sons, London, 1908
359 pages, with many silverplaters' marks

Old Sheffield Plate: Its Technique and History as Illustrated in a Single Private Collection
Julia Whittemore Torrey - published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston & New York, 1918
90 pages, many illustrations with some silverplaters' marks
Alte Zinn (Old Pewter)
Karl Berling - published by R.C. Schmidt & Co., Berlin 1919
245 pages, 142 illustrations

Old Pewter, Brass, Copper & Sheffield Plate: Brass, Copper & Sheffield Plate
N. Hudson Moore - published by Garden City Publishing Company, NY 1905
245 pages, 142 illustrations
The Fruits of Experience, Or, Memoir of Joseph Brasbridge
Joseph Brasbridge (London silversmith) - published by the author, London 1824
257 pages

Sir Edward Thomason's Memoirs During Half a Century
Sir Edward Thomason - published by Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London 1845
364 pages
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