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David-Andersen Maker's Marks

David-Andersen Maker's Marks
D-A Gilt Sterling & Enamel Teastrainer
English import marks for 1898

David-Andersen Maker's Marks
D-A Sterling & Enamel Pendant
Bjørn Sigurd Østern 1966 - "Silver Series"

100 Years of David-Andersen Silver
1880 ~ 1980
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Uni's Workshop

The company was founded in Christiania (now Oslo), Norway by David Andersen in 1876. Andersen (1843-1901) was a gold and silversmith with a keen sense of quality and the high standards of his workmanship brought early success to the firm. By 1888, Andersen was able to expand his workshop into a steam powered plant and a second retail location was opened in Oslo in 1892.

David Andersen died in 1901, his son, Arthur Andersen, took the reins of the firm at that time. Arthur instituted some important changes, he decided to hyphenate the family name to David-Andersen, and as chief designer, he introduced the use of enameling on the company's gold and silver jewelry as well as holloware. The new line was so successful that enamelled jewelry has become nearly synonymous with the David-Andersen name. The firm has remained a family business and is now run by members of the fourth generation, Uni and Jon David-Andersen.

Throughout its long history David-Andersen has always kept pace with changing times and artistic trends, over time they have produced beautiful and finely crafted jewelry and objects in the styles of; Naturalism, Dragestil (Dragonstyle), Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Art Moderne, and Modernism.

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A few of D-A's early
designers include:

Arthur David-Andersen (1875•1970)

Johan Lund (active 1890s)

Gustav Guadernack (1865•1914)

Guttorm Gagnes (1906•1964)
Guttorm Gagnes Mark

Ivar David-Andersen (1903•1998)

Thorbjørn Lie-Jørgensen (1900•1961)
Thorbjorn Lie-Jorgensen Mark

Harry Sørby (1905•1988)
Harry Sorby Mark

Willy Winnaess (active 1950s)
Willy Winnaess Mark

Agnar Skrede (active 1950s)
Latter 20th century
designers include:
Nora Gulbrandsen (1894•1978)
Nora Gulbrandsen mark

Karl Jørgen Otteren (act. 1960s)
Karl Jørgen Otteren mark

Liv Solnør Rogan (active 1970s)
Liv Solnor Rogan Mark

Marianne Berg (active 1960/70s)
Marianne Berg mark

Uni David-Andersen (b.1930)
Uni David-Andersen mark

Unn Tangerud (b.1933)
Unn Tangerud mark

Bjørn Sigurd Østern (b.1935)
Bjorn Sigurd Ostern mark

Synnøve Korssjøen (1990s•2001)
Synnove Korssjoen mark

Millie Behrens (active since1992)

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