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E. Vail
Edward Vail
La Porte, Indiana
Active 1845-1884, jeweler, watchmaker & silver retailer. The business was removed to Wichita, Kansas, by Edward Vail Jr. in 1884.

John Valiant
Palmyra, Missouri
(b.1812-d.1882) arrived in Palmyra in 1848 and was active there until c.1864, silversmith & jeweler.

B. F. Vallet
Benjamin Franklin Vallet
Kingston, New York
(b.1813-d.1853) Active from c.1835, jeweler & retail silversmith.

A. B. Van Cott
A. B. Van Cott
New York, New York
Active c.1840-c.1850, either Albert Barthoff Van Cott, his brother Anthony Barthoff Van Cott or the two working in partnership. jewelers, watchmakers & retail silversmiths.

eagle, V, head
James S. Vancourt & Co.
New York, New York
(b.1819-d.1916) Active c.1853, successor to Coles & Vancourt, the firm of William L. Coles & James S. Vancourt (1848-1852). Manufacturers, primarily silver flatware and small items. 83 Duane Street.

Van Dell, sterling
Van Dell
Providence, Rhode Island
Active 1939-present, gold filled, plated metal & sterling costume jewelry, often set with rhinestones. Absorbed into Hallmark in 1970 and since 1998, a division of Colibri.


Clarence A. Vanderbilt
New York, New York
Sterling holloware and novelties.

W.K. Vanderslice & Co

bear, V & Co
William K. Vanderslice & Co.
San Francisco, California
Active 1858-1908. Important west coast firm, fine quality flatware and holloware, both sterling & coin standard. The firm was acquired by Shreve & Co. in 1908.

Joseph Van Derveer
Somerville, New Jersey
Active c.1800-1830, watch & clockmaker, possibly silversmith or retailer.

Peter Van Dyke
New York, NY
(b.1684-d.c.1750), active c.1707-c.1750, working silversmith, father to silversmith Richard Van Dyke.

Richard Van Dyke
New York, NY
(b.1717-d.1770), active c.1740-c.1770, working silversmith, son of silversmith Peter Van Dyke.

tulip flower
Agatha Van Erp Hooy
San Francisco, California
(b.1894-d.1978), daughter of Dirk Van Erp, coppersmith and silversmith. Instructor in handicraft at UC Berkeley in the early 20th century.

windmillwindmill, dirk van erp, san francisco

Dirk Van Erp, sterling
Dirk Van Erp
San Francisco, California
(b.1860-d.1933) Active c.1901-1929, Arts & Crafts coppersmith, renown for his lamps, he worked occasionally in silverplate and sterling. His son, William Van Erp (b.1901-d.1977) operated the shop from his father's retirement, until his own death in 1977. William continued the use of the old shop marks and made some interesting Art Deco and Moderne sterling holloware.

Abraham Van Nice
Danville, Kentucky
alt: Van Nuys, (b.1780-d.1831), active c.1804-1831, silversmith, watchmaker & jeweler.

horsehead, V & C., lion

John T. Vansant & Co.
John T. Vansant & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1850-1905, under the names John T. Vansant & Bro., Vansant & Co., and John T. Vansant & Co. Marks are mostly seen on coin & sterling flatware.

J. L. Van Tine
John Lewis Van Tine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(b.1804-d.1876), active c.1829-1847, watchmaker & silversmith or retailer.

B. C. Van Vliet

B.C.Van Vliet, Po'keepsie
Benjamin Cromwell Van Vliet
Poughkeepsie, New York
(b.1806-d.1851), active c.1830-1847, watchmaker, jeweler & silversmith, partnership of Van Vliet & Cromwell, c.1844.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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