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J.E.Caldwell & Company

J. E. Caldwell & Co.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1848 - present
High end retailers of jewelery & silver.

JC Joseph Callender
Boston, Massachusetts
(b.1751 - d.1821) Active 4th q. 18th Century. Silversmith & Engraver, trained under Nathaniel Hurd and Paul Revere.

Campbell Campbell
location unknown
late 18th/early 19th c.

CM, crown Campbell - Metcalf Silver Co.
Providence, Rhode Island
1892 - 1900
Campbell went on to design for Manchester.

Canfield Bro & Co Canfield Brothers & Co.
Baltimore, MD
Active c.1850 - 1881, Ira Canfield, William Canfield & J.H. Meredith successors to Canfield & Brother who were active in Baltimore as early as 1830.

J.Canneff Joseph W. Canneff
Toledo, Ohio
(b.1819) Active c.1860-c.1890, retailer - clocks, watches, jewelry & silverware

Capelle John Porter Capelle
Wilmington, DE & St. Louis, MO
Active ca. 1848 - 1879

Carlson David Carlson
Gardner, Massachusetts ~ c.1920's
Maker of handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling.

CC Charles Carpenter
Norwich, CT & Boston, MA
Active Norwich ca. 1790's, Boston from 1807

SLC Shirley Lege Carpenter

Dallas, Texas
active c.1960-1980s, studio jeweler

C, arrowhead Carter, Hale & Co., Carter, Hawkins & Sloan, Carter, Howe & Co., Carter, Gough & Co.
Newark, New Jersey
Major manufacturer of fine jewelry.

Cartier Sterling

New York
High end French jewelers, New York retail location opened in 1904. Silver retailed was generally made by quality American firms and branded with the Cartier mark, sometimes with original manufacturer's mark.

Cary, Boynton & Woodford Cary, Boynton & Woodford
Location Unknown
Active c.1820s

SC & C0 Stephen Castan & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Active c. 1820

Castlecliff, Sterling Castlecliff
New York, NY
Costume jewelry manufacturer, used sterling silver primarily during metal shortages of World War II, c.1942-1947.

W.Chaffee William Henry Chaffee (attributed)
Providence, RI

H. H. Chandler & Son H. H. Chandler & Son
Charlestown, Massachusetts
early 20th C.
Henry H. Chandler & Henry J. Chandler. Jewelers, dry goods merchants.


Charters, Cann & Dunn
New York, NY
Active ca. 1850's - James Charters, John Cann & David Dunn

George Washington Chatterton
Springfield, Illinois
Active ca. 1840 - at least 1900, Chatterton was Abraham Lincoln's jeweller in Springfield and inscribed Mary Todd's ring.

Chayat, Sterling Maxwell Chayat

New Jersey
Studio jeweler, silversmith & sculptor

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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