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C.S.Co Chicago Silver Company
Chicago, Illinois (1925-1950)
Sterling Arts & Crafts style holloware.

Cini, Sterling
Guglielmo Cini
Boston, MA & Laguna Beach, CA
Italian born, Cini trained in Florence but emigrated to Boston and opened a shop in 1922. Relocated to California in 1957 and produced until c.1970. Output was mostly cast sterling jewelry, the family is currently reproducing old designs.

Clark & Biddle
Clark & Biddle
Philadelphia, PA
Founded in the 1860's, successors to T.C. Garrett, uncle to Samuel Biddle. The firm later became Robbins, Clark & Biddle and, in 1894, they merged with Bailey & Co. to become Bailey, Banks & Biddle

C & C Clark & Coombs Mfg. Co.
Providence, Rhode Island
Jewelry manufacturers, primarily rings.

Clark & Hinton
Clark & Hinton
Paris, Kentucky
Active 1854-c.1859
E. Clark Jr. & William M. Hinton; jewelers, watchmakers & retailers of fancy goods.

C.P.& U.
Clark, Pelletreau & Upson
Charleston, SC & New York, NY
active c.1821-1823, (Gregory?) Clark, Maltby Pelletreau & Stephen Upson. Succeeded in Charleston by Bennett, Cooke & Co. Succeeded in NY by Pelletreau & Upson.

B.Cleveland Benjamin Cleveland
Newark, NJ
(b.1767 - d.1837) Active ca. 1790 - 1830

IC John Coburn
Boston, MA
(b.1725 - d.1803)

C. B. & H.
Codding Bros. & Heilbron
North Attleboro, MA (1879 - 1918)
Jewelry, Silverware & Novelties. Leo Heilbron became a partner in 1891.

fish, intertwinedCodman & Codman
Providence, RI (1904-1905)
Edwin Everett & Frank Codman, makers of handwrought repousse sterling holloware in the style of Gorham Martele. Both were sons of William Christmas Codman, chief designer for Gorham. Edwin worked at Gorham both before and after this shortlived partnership that had its premises at 62 Page St.

Coe & Montgomery Coe & Montgomery
Hartford, CT
Active c.1840

AC, eagle, head Albert Coles
New York, NY
Active ca. 1835 - 1875

C&R Coles & Reynolds
New York, NY
A partnership of Albert Coles, lasted only a couple of years in the early 1870's before being purchased by George Shiebler.

Concord Sterling

Concord Silver Co.
Concord, New Hampshire (1925 - 1942)
Manufacturers of sterling flatware, some holloware.

J.Conning James Conning
New York, NY & Mobile, AL
(b.1813 - d.1872) Active NY ca. 1840, Mobile ca. 1842 - 1872

J.H.Connor John H. Connor
New York, NY
Active ca. 1830's. In partnership with Garrett Eoff 1833 - 1835

E.Cook Erastus Cook
Rochester, NY
(b.1767 - d.1837) Active c.1815 to 1845 - silversmith, watchmaker & jeweler

JC John Cook
New York, NY
Active c.1855-1864 & 1868-c.1875, interim firm of Evans & Cook in mid-1860s


Betty Cooke
Betty Cooke

Baltimore, Maryland
active 1950s-present, studio jeweler

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