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O.B.Cooley Oliver B. Cooley
Utica, NY
(b.1809 - d.1844)

Copeland & Biederhase
Copeland & Biederhase
New York, NY
Active ca. 1851 - 1856. Robert Copeland and Bernard D. Beiderhase, Copeland later worked in Philadelphia.


coro craft, Pegasus
(Cohen & Rosenberg)
New York, NY
Costume jewelry manufacturer, used sterling silver primarily during metal shortages of World War II, c.1942-1947. Corocraft mark used from 1937.

SC, sterling S. Cottle & Company
New York, NY - (1877 - 1920)
Novelty and vanity items in sterling and gold.

The Craftsman's GuildC.S.Co
The Craftsman's Guild
Highland Park, Illinois
active c.1900-c.1910, made wooden toys, plaster figures (the Billiken) and Arts & Crafts style silverware.

Crane & Co.
Benjamin F. Crane
St. Louis, MO
Active ca. 1842 - 1861

Crosby, Sterling Crosby
New York, NY - (1911 - Present)
Tradename of A.Cohen & Sons, wholesalers of subcontracted sterling and plated ware.


Samuel T. Crosby & Co.
Boston, MA
Active 1854 - 1861, Successors to Crosby & Brown, predecessors to Crosby, Hunnewell & Morse.

Crosby & Brown
Crosby & Brown
Boston, MA
Active 1851-1852, Samuel T. Crosby & Seth E. Brown. Successors to Brackett, Crosby & Brown.

Crosby & Foss Crosby & Foss
Boston, MA
Active 1876 - ?, Samuel T. Crosby & Charles M. Foss. Successors to C. M. & F.

Crosby & Morse
Crosby & Morse
Boston, MA
Active 1864 - 1869, Samuel T. Crosby & Henry D. Morse
Successors to Crosby, Hunnewell & Morse.

Crosby, Morse & Foss
Crosby, Morse & Foss
Boston, MA
Active 1869 - 1875, Samuel T. Crosby, Henry D. Morse & Charles M. Foss.
Successors to Crosby & Morse.

Cummings, Sterling

Angela Cummings
New York
Designed for Tiffany 1967-1983. Formed her own production company that produced her designs from 1984 onwards.
Jewelry in sterling and gold, some use of precious gems.

cr conjoined Currier & Roby
New York
1900 - c.1943
Makers of small, high quality items.

Currier & Trott

Currier & Trott
Currier & Trott
Boston, MA
Active 1823 - 1855, Richard Currier & Peter Trott. Watchmakers, jewelers & silversmiths. Succeeded by Currier, Trott & Co. who were active until the Great Fire of Boston destroyed their premises in 1872.

J.Curry John Curry
Philadelphia & Newburgh, PA
Active c.1825 - 1850, partner in the firm of Curry & Preston 1825-1831.

unicorn H. H. Curtis & Co.
North Attleboro, Massachusetts
c.1890 - 1915

C C & S Curtiss, Candee & Stiles
Woodbury, CT
c.1832 - 1835, Daniel Curtis(s), Lewis B. Candee & Benj. Stiles. Successors to Curtiss & Candee

I.Cushing Josiah Cushing
Rehoboth, Massachusetts
(b.1793-d.1825) Active c.1815-1825, jeweler, silversmith

A.Cutler Amos Cutler
Boston, MA
(b.1808-d.1894) Active ca. 1820 - 1852

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