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Thomas W. Radcliffe
Columbia, South Carolina
(b.1812-d.1870) Active from 1827, spent 1833 working in Camden, SC. Partnerships: Glaze & Radcliffe (1848-1851) with William Glaze, Radcliffe & Guignard (1856-1858) with James S. Guignard. The firm was T.W. Radcliffe & Co. (1852-1856) and probably the same after the Guignard partnership. After Radcliffe's death, it was carried on by Thomas Radcliffe Jr. and Richard Davis until 1896. Jewelers, watchmakers & silversmiths.

Radke & Co. Radke & Company
San Francisco, CA ~ late 19th / early 20th C.
Jewelers and retailers (possibly makers) of handwrought silver.

W.T. Rae
William T. Rae
Newark, New Jersey
(b.1833-d.1917) Active 1856-1908, jewelers & retail silversmiths.

J.Rafel, N.O.
Joseph Rafel
New Orleans, Louisiana
Active 1842-1861, the first ten years spent in New York, then Cincinnati, Ohio. Jeweler & retailer.


Raimond Silver Mfg. Co.
Chelsea, Massachusetts
Active c.1961-1978, manufacturers & importers of sterling and silverplate goods. Acquired R. Blackinton Co. in 1966.

Rand & Crane
Boston, Massachusetts
1886-c.1920s, successors to Kennard & Co. and retailers of quality sterling and plated goods. They are presumed to have done some of their own manufacturing.

JOR, Hammer

Randahl, Handwrought
The Randahl Shop
Park Ridge & Chicago, IL
Founded by Julius O. Randahl (b.1880-d.1972), a Swedish emigre who'd spent three years working at Kalo. This Arts & Crafts workshop was active c.1912-1965. Early work was entirely handwrought and excellent, but mechanism became the norm over time. Output was primarily holloware and some jewelry. Randahl acquired Cellini Craft in the mid-50's and was himself bought out by Reed & Barton in 1965. JOR with hammer is the earlier mark.

J.V. Randall
Joseph Volney Randall
Burlington, Vermont
(b.1822-d.1851) Active 1846-1851, silversmith and jeweler.

Isaiah Randell (Randall)
Seneca Falls, New York
(b.c.1832-d.1909) Active 1858-1898, jeweler & retailer.

W.D. Rapp
William D. Rapp
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Active c.1828-c.1850, clockmaker, watchmaker, & silversmith on Race Street.

Anty Rasch
Anthony Rasch
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(b.1778-d.1858) Active with this mark c.1812-1817, German emigre, started work Simon Chaudron in 1807, became his partner in Chaudron & Rasch (1809-1812). He worked independently until 1817, succeeded by A. Rasch & Co.

A.Rasch & Co.
A. Rasch & Co.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Anthony Rasch with George Willig Jr., active 1817-1819, working silversmiths. The firm dissolved in 1819 and Rasch removed to New Orleans.

Anthony Rasch
New Orleans, Louisiana
(b.1778-d.1858) Active with this mark from 1820. He continued silversmithing in New Orleans, but also began importing goods from Europe. He billed the shop as a "goldsmith, jewellery, and fancy store". The emporium bankrupted by 1842 and Rasch returned to straight silvermithing and jewelry work.

Edward Raworth
Nashville, Tennessee
(d.1835) Active c.1808-1820, silversmith. Partnerships: Hiter & Raworth with Thomas Hiter (1811), Raworth & Biddle (c.1814-1817) and Raworth & Gordon (1817-c.1819).

Joseph Raynes. Joseph Raynes
Lowell, MA & Portsmouth NH
(b.1810 - d.1896) Active c.1835 in Lowell.

W.B.J. Read William B. J. Read
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1831 - c.1850

Rebajes, Sterling Frank Rebajes

New York, NY
active c.1935-1960, studio jeweler & metalsmith, worked in copper, sterling & mixed metals

Crown, Sterling, 925 Fine John W. Reddall & Co.
Newark, NJ ~ 1896 - 1908
Sterling novelties and jewelry.

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