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Oakes, oak leaf
Edward Everett Oakes
Boston, Massachusetts
(b.1891-d.1960) Active c.1917-c.1954, Arts & Crafts jeweler & goldsmith, studied under Frank Gardner Hale and Josephine Hartwell Shaw. Much of his work is unmarked, but if marked and has the addition of one acorn, it is the work of his son, Gilbert Oakes. If mark has the addition of two acorns it is his granddaughter, Susan Oakes Peabody.

Frederick Oakes Sr.
Hartford, Connecticut
(b.1781-d.1855) Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker. Active in partnerships: Allyn & Oakes (before 1804), Greenleaf & Oakes (1807-1811) and Oakes & Spencer (1811-1819). This mark probably dates c.1819-c.1830. Succeeded by Henry Oakes.

Henry Oakes
Hartford, Connecticut
(b.1806) Active c.1830-1842, silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker. Succeeded by William & Frederick Oakes

William & Frederick Oakes
Hartford, Connecticut
William (b.1812) & Frederick Jr. (b.1815), active 1842-1847, silversmiths, jewelers, and watchmakers. William may have continued the use of the mark after dissolution.

Oakes & Spencer
Hartford, Connecticut
Active 1811-1819 Frederick Oakes Sr. with Nathaniel Spencer. Silversmiths, jewelers, and watchmakers.

arm, hammer, New England map
Old New England Craftsmen Inc.
Newburyport, Massachusetts
Active 1928-1936, Frank V. Brown (1873-1963) and son Paul V. Brown (1906-1987), they also owned Brown's Jewelry at 8 Pleasant St. in Newburyport and a branch in Portsmouth.

ONC, Sterling

ONC, Sterling

O.N.C., Sterling
Old Newbury Crafters
Newburyport, Massachusetts
Active 1915-present, handwrought sterling flatware and holloware. From the mid-sixties, each silversmith added their own identifying pictographic mark.

J.G. Olin
John G. Olin
Lynn, Massachusetts
(b.1836-d.1928) Active from 1867, retail silversmith & jeweler.

N. Olmsted
Nathaniel Olmsted
Farmington & New Haven, CT
(b.1785-d.1860) Active c.1808-1826 in Farmington and then relocated to New Haven. Succeeded c.1830 by Nathaniel Olmsted & Son

N.Olmsted & Son
N. Olmsted & Son
New Haven, Connecticut
Active c.1830-c.1850, Nathaniel Olmsted & George Olmsted.


N.& D.O
Nicholas & Daniel Onderdonk
New York, NY ~ c.1850 - 1900
Sterling and plated silver holloware.

OC, sterling

Oneida Sterling

Oneida Sterling

Heirloom Sterling

Oneida Heirloom
Oneida Silversmiths
Sherrill, NY ~ ca.1877 - Present
Sterling and plated silver holloware and flatware. Sterling line began in 1946.

Oneida Flatware Patterns

Gerrit Onkelbag
New York, New York
(b.1663-d.1732) var. Onckelbach, Onckelbagh, active c.1690-1713, working silversmith.

Orgell Sterling
David Orgell
Los Angeles, California
Active 1933-present, Beverly Hills retailer, fine jewelry and giftware

H. Ormsby
Henry Ormsby
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(b.1801-d.1880) active from c.1835, jeweler, watchmaker & retail silversmith. 366 North 2nd St.

Orb, sterlingOrb, sterling
Orb Silversmithy
Floral Park, NY
Active 1958-1971, firm of Otto R. Bade, successor to Frank Rebajes. Modernist sterling jewelry, many Rebajes designs.

Harry Osaki

Osaki Sterling

Harry Osaki

Pasadena, CA
active from c.1947
Handwrought holloware, flatware & studio jewelry

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