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Samuel Macomber Taber
Providence, Rhode Island
(b.1797-d.1853) active c.1818-1853, silversmith & jeweler, from 1850 as S. M. Taber & Co. with William E. Taber.

Washington Houston Talbott
Indianapolis, Indiana
(b.1817-d.1873) Jeweler & retail silversmith, active c.1840-1865, afterwards, president of the Gatling Gun Company.

kewpie doll H. H. Tammen Curio Co.
Denver, Colorado
Founded 1881 as H. H. Tammen & Co. by Harry Heye Tammen, renamed in 1896, producer of souvenir spoons & mineral novelties. Became the Thrift Novelty Co. sometime after 1957.

P.G. Tanner
Perry G. Tanner
Cooperstown, New York
(b.1816-d.1898) After two years in Utica, NY as partner to Oliver Cooley in Tanner & Cooley, he was active 1842-1880 in Cooperstown. Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.

Tanner & Cooley
Tanner & Cooley
Utica, New York
Active 1840-1842, Perry G. Tanner & Oliver Cooley, watchmakers and jewelers.

Taylor & Lawrie

eagle, thistle, harp
Taylor & Lawrie
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1837-1850. Working silversmiths, Robert H. Taylor and Robert D. Lawrie, Taylor was Scottish, Lawrie was Irish, hence the thistle & harp in their manufacturer's mark, often seen with other retailers' mark.

The TC Shop, Chicago, Handwrought The T. C. Shop
Chicago, Il
Active Ca. 1910 - 1913. Emery Todd & Clemencia Cosio, producers of handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flat & holloware. Cosio was a designer, Todd was both designer and smith.

Tendler, sterling

Tendler, Sterling
Bill Tendler

New York, NY
active c1950-1973, studio jeweler


F. Thibault
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1810-1835
Francis, Frederick and Felix Thibault, the firm was called Thibault Brothers in its later years.


crown, T, lion
The Thomae Company
Attleboro, Massachusetts
1920 - Present
Manufacturer, small sterling and novelty items, good quality.

E. Thomas
Ebenezer Thomas
Petersburg, Virginia
(b.1776-d.1833) active c.1798-c.1823 in Petersburg, silversmith & jeweler, 1813-1819 as Bennett & Thomas with John Bennett. A Quaker, Thomas removed to Columbus, Ohio about 1823, helped found a woolen mill there and died in the cholera epidemic of 1833.

H.E. Thomas
Henry E. Thomas
Nashville, Tennessee
Active 1839-1842, silversmith & jeweler, successor to Henry Cargill. Thomas left Nashville in 1842 for parts unknown.

D.B. Thompson
Daniel B. Thompson
Brattleboro, Vermont
(b.c.1802-d.1876) active c.1820-1843, silversmith, watchmaker & jeweler. From 1843-1876 as Thompson & Ranger with Bethuel Ranger.

Thompson & Ranger
Thompson & Ranger
Brattleboro, Vermont
Active 1843-1876, Daniel B. Thompson & Bethuel Ranger, silversmiths, watchmakers & jewelers.

Wm.H.Thompson William H. Thompson
Raleigh, North Carolina
active c.1850-1880s, jeweler, watchmaker and silver retailer.

Tiffany & Co, makers, sterling silver Tiffany & Company
New York, New York
Tiffany Maker's Marks and Date Indicators


Tiffany, Young & Ellis
Tiffany, Young & Ellis
New York, New York
Active 1841-1853, retailers of fine quality coin & sterling by Moore, Gale, Hebbard, Polhemus and others. Succeeded by Tiffany & Co.

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