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Easterling Company
Chicago, IL
Founded in 1944 for the direct marketing of sterling flatware.

Easterling Flatware Patterns

Eastern Sterling Company
New York, NY
c.1940's - Present
mostly sterling Judaica.

Moses Eastman
Concord, NH & Savannah, GA
(1794-1850) Active 1820 - 1828 as a partner in Penfield & Co., later worked independently.

AE Anna Eicher
Park Ridge, Illinois ~ c.1900 - 1925
Handwrought Arts & Crafts, her husband Heinrich worked for Kalo.

Eichner Laurits Christian Eichner
New Jersey (Danish emigre)
(b.1894-d.1967) Handwrought brass, silver, pewter and handcrafted clocks, inventor and builder of scientific instruments, replications and restorations, many for the Smithsonian.

Eisenbert, sterling Eisenberg Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, IL
Costume jewelry manufacturer, used sterling silver primarily during metal shortages of World War II, c.1942-1947.

WER William R. Elfers Co.
New York, New York ~ ca. 1930s
Sterling holloware

EL SIL CO Elgin Silversmith Co.
New York, New York ~ 1946 - Present?
Sterling flatware & holloware. Absorbed Redlich & Co. and Currier & Roby


Henry P. Elias
Cincinnati, Ohio
Active c.1855-c.1870, retailing silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker succeeded by H.P. Elias & Brothers.

E, maple leaf P. W. Ellis & Co.
Toronto, Canada ~ 1877 - 1928
Absorbed by Birks in 1928.

E, lion Ellmore Silver Co.
Meriden, Connecticut ~ 1935 - 1960
Manufacturers of sterling flatware, holloware and novelties. Absorbed F.M. Whiting, G. H. French, Concord Silversmiths and the W.S. Blackinton Co.

Milton on Hudson, NY
An Arts & Crafts community, founded in 1913, by two Danish American painters, A. H. Andersen and Johannes Morton. Painting, textiles, metalwork and gold & silver gem set jewelry. Closed before 1939.

Royal Crest Empire Crafts Corp.
Newark, New York ~ 1930's - 1950's
Flatware - plated and sterling. Absorbed into Oneida

Ensign Charles C. Ensign
Troy, NY
Active c.1842 - 1850, watchmaker & retailer.

ensko sterling

Ensko, New York
New York, NY
1878 -1970
Mark in use c.1920's -1970. Maker's of very fine antique sterling reproductions and American silver historians.

G.Eoff Garret Eoff
New York, NY
(b.1779-d.1845) Active c.1805-1845, usually in a partnership.

G.Eoff, J.H.Connor Eoff & Connor
New York, NY
Active 1833-1835, Garret Eoff & John H. Connor

E&S Eoff & Shepard
New York, NY
Active 1852-1861, Edgar Mortimer Eoff & George L. Shepard. Successors to Eoff & Phyfe

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