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Wm. Nagel
William Nagel
Paducah, Kentucky
(b.1835-d.1890) Active c.1865-1890, silver retailer, jeweler and watchmaker.


NACO, Sterling
Napier Company
Meriden, Connecticut
1920-1999, manufacturers of well designed modern jewelry and novelty items in sterling and silverplate. Successors to E. A. Bliss & Co.


national silver co. Sterling
National Flatware Patterns
National Silver Co.
New York, NY ~ ca.1900 - Present ?
Sterling and plated silver holloware and flatware.


P. Negrin
Paul Negrin
Nashville, Tennessee
Active 1823-c.1844, French emigre, silversmith, retail jeweler and watchmaker.

R.& J.Nelson
R. & J. Nelson
Dunkirk, New York
Active 3rd Q. 19th C., retailers.

N, hourglass Nevius Company
New York, NY
Active c.1897 - 1915 Small sterling items and novelties.

Edwin Comfort Newbury
Brooklyn, Connecticut
(b.1799-d.1882) Active 1828-c.1860, silversmith & optician.

NSCo Newburyport Silver Co.
Keene, New Hampshire
Active 1905-1914, manufacturers of sterling flatware & holloware.

Hiram Kinner Newcomb
Watertown, New York
(b.1799-d.1860) Active c.1820-1860, retail silversmith & jeweler.

Newport, Sterling
Newport Sterling
Providence, RI
mid twentieth century, a trademark of the Gorham Corporation. Another Gorham trademark was, Twinkle Sterling

Samuel S. Newton
Cornwall & Winchester, CT
(b.1821-d.1898) Active c.1845-c.1880, retail silversmith, watchmaker & jeweler.

Niagara Silver Co.
Niagara Silver Company
Niagara Falls, NY
1899-c. 1930, acquired the flatware department of Pairpoint Mfg. in 1900. Produced sterling silver flatware and souvenir spoons.

Hiram M. Nichols
Concord, NH & Lyndon, VT
(b.1821-d.1902) Active c.1840-1880, silversmith & jeweler

Nichols, Newport R.I.
William Stoddard Nichols
Newport, RI
(b.1785-d.1871) Active c.1808-1860, working silversmith, apprentice to Thomas Arnold.

H. Nils, Denmark
H. Nils
New York, New York ~ 1950's
Not a Danish maker, but a New York retailer, located at 56th St. just off 5th Ave. Nils retailed the work of Danish makers for American consumers. His mark is seen in conjunction with Sterling or 925S & Denmark and sometimes with the mark of a Danish maker.

Norbert Mfg. Co.
New York, NY
c.1950-c.1965, small custom shop, some well made handwrought sterling and antique reproductions.

S.Nordlinger & Sons Simon Nordlinger & Sons
Los Angeles, CA
Founded 1869, retail jewelers.

WBN William B. North
New Haven, CT
(b.1787-d.1838) active c.1811-1831. Began in New Haven, relocated to NYC c.1818, later to New Britain, CT c.1827

J.H.Norton J. H. Norton
Hartford, Connecticut
Active mid 19th century.

T.N Thomas Norton
(b.1773-d.1834) Active c.1799-1834, working silversmith. Farmington, CT (1799-1806), Philadelphia,PA (1799-1806), Clinton, NY (1799-1806), Morrisville, NY (1823 to 1827), Albion, NY (1827 to 1834)

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