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c.1820, found on an American coin silver teaspoon, mark could possibly be an uncatalogued Merriman or Moulton stamp.

c.1840, found on an American coin silver table spoon, possibly Merriman & Clark of Memphis, Tennessee.


Peter Macchiarini

San Francisco, CA
Succeeded by his son, Daniel Macchiarini

J.S.MacDonald J. Stuart MacDonald
Baltimore, Maryland ~ ca1900 - 1921
Sterling and plated ware.

Henry Mahler
Raleigh, North Carolina
(b.1832-d.1895) German emigre, active c.1854-1895, began as silversmith, ended as large retail jeweler. Succeeded by H. Mahler's Sons. Silversmith and jeweler.

M, Sterling Daniel J. Mahoney
New York, NY ~ c.1894-1904
Sterling manufacturers. Two employees in 1894, twenty-six in 1898.

Maisel's, Albuquerque Maisel's
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Founded 1939, trading post, retailer of Navajo Silver.

M, Sterlig, Griffin
Maltby, Stevens & Curtiss Co.
Wallingford, Connecticut
Active 1879-1896, manufacturers of sterling and silverplate flatware. Absorbed by the Watrous Co. in 1896.

M, crown, cross Manchester Silver Co.
Providence, Rhode Island ~ 1914-1985
Founded in 1887 as W.H Manchester & Co., makers of flatware & holloware, purchased by Boardman in 1985.
See -> Baker-Manchester

WMB, Reading William Mannerback
Reading, PA
Active c.1820 - 1835

M, Marcus & Co
Marcus & Co.
New York, New York ~ 1880's-1920's
High quality Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts gold & sterling jewelry and small items, some small holloware.
One successor of Starr & Marcus, the other being Theodore B. Starr.

Salomon Marion
Montreal, Canada
(1782-1830) Apprenticed at age 16 to Pierre Huguet Sr., also of Montreal, received freedom in 1803.


Frederick Marquand
New York, NY
(b.1799-d.1882) Apprenticed with his father Isaac, relocated to Savannah, Ga. c.1819 and became a founding member of Penfield & Co. Returned to NY c.1825 to found Marquand & Bro. as to exactly when and where he was using his singular "FM" mark is up to debate.

Marquand & Brother
New York, NY
active c.1825-1830, Frederick Marquand with Isaac Marquand. Succeeded by Marquand & Brothers (1830-1833).

Marquand & Co.
Marquand & Company
New York, NY
Active c.1834-1839. Frederick, Isaac & Henry G. Marquand, Erastus Osborne Tompkins, William Black, and Henry Ball. Succeeded by Ball, Tompkins & Black

Marshall & Tempest Marshall & Tempest
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1813 - 1830


William Mason & Leonard Field
Winchester, MA
Active c.1950 to 1980s
Macefield was their shop's name

A.Mathey Aime Mathey
New York, NY
Active c.1826 - 1865

Richard Mathews
Charlottesville, Virginia
(b.1805-d.1847) Silversmith active from 1836. Buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

torch, wings Mathews & Prior
New York, NY ~ 1898 - c.1904
Sterling holloware

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