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IM John McMullen
Philadelphia, PA
(b.1765 - d.1843) Active c.1795 - 1843. In partnership McMullin & Black c.1811

Mead & Adriance
Mead & Adriance
Utica, NY & St. Louis, MO
Active 1832-1842, in St.Louis from 1836. Edward Mead & Edwin Adriance, silversmiths & jewelers, successors to Mead, Adriance & Co.

E.Mead & Co

E. Mead & Co
Edward Mead & Co
St. Louis, Missouri
Edward Mead (b.1807) Active 1843-c.1880, jewelers & silversmiths. Successor to Mead & Adriance.

John W. Mealy, Son & Co.
John W. Mealy, Son & Co.
Baltimore, MD ~ c.1900
Sterling holloware, succeeded by the Mealy Manufacturing Co. c.1905

H, flag Mechanics Sterling Co.
Attleboro, MA -- 1896 -?
A subsidiary of Watson & Newell Co., produced Sterling flatware and souvenir spoons.

Thomas Jefferson Megear
Wilmington, DE & Philadelphia, PA
(b.1809) Active 1831-2 in Wilmington where he apprenticed. Active 1833 - 1857 in Philadelphia

A.G.Medley, Louisville
Andrew G. Medley
Louisville, Kentucky
Active c.1835-1849, jeweler, watchmaker & retail silversmith. He left in 1849 for the California Gold Rush and was advertising as a watchmaker in San Francisco by 1856.

Melville & Co.
Melville & Co.
New York, New York
New Orleans, Louisiana
Active c.1835-c.1860, silversmiths, jewelers, & watchmakers. David Melville and, possibly, his brothers, Andrew & Henry B. Melville. A NYC firm with a sales office in New Orleans from c.1848.

James Meredith
Baltimore, Maryland
Winchester, Virginia
(b.1792-d.1861) Active c.1805-c.1860, in VA from 1812. Partnerships include: Hartman & Meredith (c.1816-1820), Meredith & Campbell (c.1823-1824), Meredith & Johnston (c.1826-1827). Silversmith & jeweler.

M, bird Meriden Brittania Co.
Meriden, Connecticut -- 1895 - 1898
Sterling line began in 1895, absorbed into International Silver in 1898, but mark was used until the 1930's

Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
St. Louis, Missouri ~ 1845 - 1905
Retail merchants of sterling, silverplate & jewelry, some of their own manufacture.
Succeeded by Mermod, Jaccard & King Jewelry Co.

winged dragon

The Merrill Shops
New York, NY -- 1893 - c. 1931
Small shop, small quality items and custom work, some Arts & Crafts work.

J.E.Merriman, 371 Pearl St.
James Edward Merriman
New York, NY
(b.1815-d.1879) Active c.1837-c.1841, silversmith at 371 Pearl St.. Succeeded by Merriman & Clark (1841-1847) of Memphis, TN.

Merriman, Memphis
J. E. Merriman & Co.
Memphis, Tennessee
Active 1847-1860, James Edward Merriman (b.1815-d.1879) & Charles Granniss Merriman (b.1823, sons of Marcus Merriman. Retail silversmiths, jewelers, watchmakers & gunsmiths. Successors to Merriman & Clark (1841-1847) of Memphis.

MM Marcus Merriman
New Haven, CT
(1762 - 1850) Active c.1787 - 1826. Succeeded by Merriman & Tuttle in 1802, shortly followed by Marcus Merriman & Co.

M.M.&Co Marcus Merriman & Co.
New Haven, CT
Active c.1802 - 1817. Marcus Merriman, Zebul Bradley & Bethuel Tuttle. Succeeded by Merriman & Bradley.

Metallurgic Art Co.
Baltimore, Maryland
Active 1895-1901, sterling silverware & jewelry.

Meyer, St. Charles Max Meyer
St. Charles, MO
Active c.1866, probably a retailer.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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