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janiye Miye Matsukada

Boston, Massachusetts
active c.1950-1981, Studio jeweler.
Janiye was the name of Matsukada's shop on Newbury St. The shopcontinued on after her death and continued the use of the mark. (see: Watkins, Alexandra)

M, sword, scimitar Matthews Company
Newark, New Jersey ~ 1907 - ca.1936
Sterling holloware and overlay glass. Succeeded by Hickok - Matthews Co.

KJM, Matzdorf
Kurt J. Matzdorf
New Paltz, New York
(b.1922-d.2008) Active from c.1950, maker of handwrought sterling holloware and notable pieces of judaica. Taught silversmithing for nearly 30 years at SUNY, New Paltz. Received the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of North American Goldsmiths.


M, unicorn
Mauser Manufacturing Co.
New York, NY
1887 - 1903
Good maker, in 1903 absorbed into Mt. Vernon silversmiths.

MB, pick, shovelMB, pick, shovel

fleur de lis
Joseph Mayer & Bros.
Seattle, Washington -- 1895 - 1945
Mostly flatware makers, absorbed into E. J. Towle Co.

Mayer & Voirol
Mayer & Voirol
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Active c.1870s, George J. E. Mayer and Frank Voirol silver retailers, jewelers and watchmakers.

Benj.J Mayo
Benjamin Mayo
Newark, New Jersey
Active c.1860-1908, manufacturer of plated and sterling ware.

KJM, Matzdorf
McAuliffe & Hadley
Boston, Massachusetts
Active c.1910-c.1940, high end jewelers & retail silversmiths. Mark is found on well made Boston style arts & crafts sterling, probably made by members of the Handicraft Shop.

The McChesney Co.
Newark, NJ
1921 - 1926
Good maker, McChesney was one of the original founders of Kerr. The firm was taken over by Dominick & Haff in 1926, in short succession it was resold to Reed & Barton and finally was in the hands of Gorham by 1931.

Mc.Connell Thomas McConnell
Wilmington, DE
(b.1768 - d.1825) Active c.1790 - 1818

George W. McDannold
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
Winchester, Kentucky
Covington, Kentucky
(b.c.1801)active c.1829-1863, working silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.

J.B.M'Fadden, Pittsburgh J. B. McFadden
Pittsburgh, PA
Active c.1840

John McFarlane
Boston, Massachusetts
active c.1796-1813, bought out Fletcher & Gardiner in 1809. Mcfarlane was bought out by Jabez Baldwin in 1813.

M, arrows
Thomas McGrath, Inc.
Providence, Rhode Island
Active 1933-c.1950
Jewelry manufacturer, primarily rings. Successor to the Fray Jewelry Co.

M-H, arrows
McGrath-Hamin Inc.
Providence, Rhode Island
from c.1950-1980's
Jewelry manufacturer, primarily rings. Successors to Thomas McGrath, Inc.

W.McGrew, Cini
Wilson McGrew
Cincinnati, OH
(b.1800 - d.1859) Active c.1825 - 1859

McKay, Spear & Brown McKay, Spear & Brown
Boston, MA
Active c.1850

H.McKeen, eagle

Henry McKeen
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1823 - 1850

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