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J.Redifer Jacob Redifer
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1844 - 1850

Redlich & Company
New York, NY ~ 1895 - 1946
Successors to Ludwig, Redlich & Co. Manufacturers of sterling novelties, holloware & some goldwork, high quality in the early years. Absorbed by Elgin in 1946, however, the Redlich trademark was used at least until the 1970's.

Bird, R, Lion

Eagle, R, Lion
Reed & Barton
Taunton, Massachusetts ~ 1840 - Present
Major manufacturer, full line of flatware and holloware.
see Reed & Barton Date Code Marks

Reed & Slader
Reed & Slader
Nashua, New Hampshire
Active c.1845, Elbridge Gerry Reed and Edward A. Slader. Successors to Beasom & Co.

George Washington Reed
Philadelphia, PA
(b.1817-d.1882) Active c.1835-1850, watchmaker, silver retailer.

I. Reed
Isaac Reed
Frankford & Philadelphia, PA
(b.c.1772-d.1864) Active c.1800-1830, watchmaker & silversmith. Frankford until 1820, Philadelphia afterwards. Succeeded in 1830 by Isaac Reed & Son, with Osman Reed.

J. Reed
James Reed
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
(b.1793-d.1865) Active c.1830-1850, silversmith

O. Reed
Osman Reed
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(b.c.1807) Active c.1831-c.1850, watchmaker & silversmith. Successor to Isaac Reed & Son. Styled as O. Reed & Co. after 1840.

MR, handwrought, sterling
Maria Regnier
Brentwood, Missouri
(b.1901-d.1994) Hungarian emigre, active from c.1925, attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Silversmith and fine jeweler, worked in silver, gold and with precious stones.

OR, Diamond Otto Reichardt
New York, NY ~ c.1922 - 1960's
Sterling & gold novelties and cane & umbrella handles.


Relda, Sterling
Paul Adler
California ~ c.1945/6
Modern design flatware. A shortlived venture by a cousin of Allan Adler, the mark is - Adler - letters in reverse.

renk, Sterling merry renk
Chicago & San Francisco
(b.1921-d.2012) Active from c.1948, studio jeweler

Paul Revere Jr.
Boston, Massachusetts
(b.1735 - d.1818) Active from c.1758, goldsmith, silversmith, print engraver and notable midnight rider. Apprenticed with father, Paul Revere Sr. (Apollos Rivoire).

Revere, Horse

R, Horse
Revere Silversmiths
Brooklyn, New York ~ 1914 - Present
Became Revere Silver Co., division of Crown Silver Inc. ca.1960


Joseph T. Rice
Joseph Taft Rice
Albany, NY
(b.1787-d.1854) Active c.1815-1855, silversmith, watchmaker & jeweler.

S.Richard Stephen Richard
New York, NY
Active c.1801-1829, jeweler, enameler & silver retailer.

Thomas Richards
New York, NY
Active with this mark c.1816-c.1825, silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker, stepson of Daniel Van Voorhis. Partnerships: Van Voorhis & Son/Van Voorhis & Richards with Daniel Van Voorhis (1798-1802). Sayre & Richards with John Sayre (1802-1814). Foster & Richards with John Foster (1815). Pelletreau & Richards with William Smith Pelletreau (c.1825). Richards & Morrell with William M. Morrell (1827-1830)

W.R William Richardson
Richmond, Virginia
(b.1757-d.1809) Active c.1778-1807. Mark is nearly identical to that of William Roe of Kingston, NY.

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