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David Vinton
Providence, Rhode Island
(b.1774-d.1833), active c.1793-c.1820, working silversmith & jeweler. He spent his last years as an itinerant teacher and lecturer of the Masonic ritual in the southern states. He died in Shakertown, Kentucky while lecturing there.

JA&SS Virgin
J.A. & S.S. Virgin
Macon, Georgia
Active c.1834-c.1857, retail silversmiths, jewelers & music dealers. Jonathan Ambrose Virgin (b.1808-d.1881) & Samuel Stanley Virgin (b.1810-d.1887).

Visalia Stock Saddle Co., SF
Visalia Stock Saddle Co.
San Francisco, California
Active 1870-present, founded by D.E. Walker in Visalia CA, moved to San Francisco 1887. Sterling saddle, spur and tack mounts as well as western buckles. Company marking of sterling examples did not begin until well into the 20th century.

U. Vitali, sterling
Ubaldo Vitali
Maplewood, New Jersey
(b.1944) A fourth-generation silversmith & conservator. Italian born, in U.S. since 1967. Handwrought modern design holloware & historic reproductions. Granted MacArthur Fellowship in 2011, work represented in many museum collections.


I. Vogler
John Vogler
Salem, North Carolina
(b.1783-d.1881) Active from c.1806. Gunsmith, instrument maker and silversmith, uncle and teacher of John Utzmann Vogler.

Paul Voltaire

New York, NY & New Milford, CT
Active 1949-1979
Studio jeweler, operated "Voltaire's", a modern design & craft gallery in New Milford from 1956.

Handwrought at Volund Shop
The Volund Shop
Chicago, Illinois
Active 1914-1915, shortlived partnership of Grant Wood (b.1891-d.1942) and, Norwegian born, Kristoffer Haga (b.1887-d.1932). Both had previously been employed as silversmiths at the Kalo Shop in Park Ridge. The Volund Shop was named for the master smith of Norse mythology. After its closure, Wood went on to fame as a Regionalist painter, best known for "American Gothic", Haga returned to work for Kalo, then military service where he contracted tuberculosis and died at an early age.

Volupte, sterling
Volupté Inc.
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Active 1920-c.1962, known primarily for their brass, silverplate and sterling make-up compacts, the firm also made cigarette cases and jewelry. Volupte was bought out by Shields, Inc. of Attleboro, MA in 1957, but continued operations under their original name into the 1960s.

Abraham Isaac Voorhees
North Brunswick, New Jersey
(b.1817-d.1892), active mid-19th century, watchmaker & retail silversmith.


V, circle
George L. Vose Mfg. Co.
Providence, Rhode Island
1904-c.1920 Small sterling articles and jewelry. Successor to Geo. L. Vose Co.

Voss & Rich
Voss & Rich
Oakland, California
Active c.1910, Otto C. Voss & Arthur M. Rich, retail jewelers, mark found on arts & crafts sterling & jewelry.

Voute & Groff
Voute & Groff
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
active c.1850-1862, watchmakers, jewelers & retail silversmiths. Almost certainly, Louis Charles Voute & Jeremiah Richards Groff (b.1818-d.1862). Succeeded by L.C. Voute.

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