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Daniel Van Voorhis
New York, NY & Princeton, NJ
(b.1751-d.1824) Active c.1775-c.1805, silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker, was also master of the mint in Vermont (1787/8), with William Coley as the die-cutter.

Van Voorhis & Coley
New York, NY
Active with this mark 1785-1787, Daniel Van Voorhis & William Coley (b.1745-d.1843). Working silversmiths & jewelers, successors to Van Voorhis, Bayley & Coley

Van Voorhis & Richards
New York, NY
Active with this mark c.1798-1802, Daniel Van Voorhis with his stepson, and former apprentice, Thomas Richards. Their partnership had previously been styled, Van Voorhis & Son for a short period. Silversmiths, jewelers, and watchmakers.

Van Voorhis & Schanck
New York, NY
Active with this mark 1791-1793, Daniel Van Voorhis & his former apprentice, Garret Schanck (b.c.1768-d.1795). Working silversmiths.


Lester H. Vaughan
Taunton, Massachusetts
(b.1889-d.1951) Arts & Crafts pewtersmith and a Medalist of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts. Vaughan did occasionally work in sterling, but examples are rare. The "LHV" mark illustrated is for his pewter work, his silver mark is a hammer in shield, usually with his full name.

Jules Vautrot
Warren, Ohio
(b.1819-d.1902), French emigre, active c.1849-c.1890 in Warren, retail silversmith, jeweler & watchmaker. Worked in Oppalassa, Louisiana & Meadville, Pennsylvania before removing to Ohio. Succeeded by his son, Jules Vautrot Jr.

J. Veal
John Veal Sr.
Columbia, South Carolina
Active bef.1827-c.1857, silversmith & jeweler. Partnership of Veal & Glaze (1828-1831) with William Glaze. Veal was a veteran of the War of 1812 and is thought to have retired in 1857. However, "the store of John Veal" was listed as destroyed in the burning of Columbia by General Sherman in 1865, this may have been the shop of John Veal Jr. who appears to have died in a Union prisoner of war camp. John Veal Sr. was still alive in 1877 and believed to have lived to the age of 92.

Veal & Glaze
Veal & Glaze
Columbia, South Carolina
Active 1828-1831, silversmiths & jewelers. John Veal Sr. & William Glaze (b.1815-d.1883). Glaze went on to become a noted gunsmith and founded the Palmetto Armory in 1850.

Joseph E. Veal Sr.
Madison & Rome, Georgia
(b.1824), active from c.1848, retail silversmith & jeweler. Partnership of Veal & Brother (c.1852). Joseph had relocated to Rome by 1856 and was active there for many decades, the firm was styled Veal & Co. at some point. A Joseph E. Veal Jr. was listed there as a jeweler as late as 1904.

Veal & Brother
Veal & Brother
Madison, Georgia
Active c.1852, retail silversmiths & jewelers. Joseph E. Veal & Thomas C. Veal. G.B. Cutten in "Silversmiths of Georgia" alludes to the possibility that the brother could have been John Veal of Columbia, SC, but tax records and legal documents of the period point to Thomas Veal.

J. F. Vent
John Frederick Vent
Keene, New Hampshire
Active c.1793-c.1815, working silversmith.


John Vernon
New York, NY
(b.1768-d.1815) Active c.1786-c.1810. Partnership of Underhill & Vernon (1786-1787) with Thomas Underhill. From c.1795 his firm was styled as John Vernon & Co.

Nathaniel Vernon
Charleston, South Carolina
(b.1777-d.1843), active c.1802-c.1835, silversmith, jeweler & importer. Until 1808, the firm was variously styled as Nathaniel Vernon & Co. and Vernon & Co.

Samuel Vernon
Newport, Rhode Island
(b.1683-d.1737), active c.1705-1737, working silversmith.

Vilas & Noyes
Vilas & Noyes
Burlington, Vermont
Active 1844-1848, William Ransom Vilas (b.1802-d.1876) & , brother-in-law, Morillo Noyes (b.1820-d.1907), retail silversmiths, watchmakers & jewelers. Succeeded by M. Noyes & Co. After 1848, Vilas retired from trade and went into banking.

Richard H. L. Villard
Georgetown & Washington, DC
(b.1792-d.1849), active from c.1820, working silversmith. Son of the French emigre cabinetmaker, Andre Joseph Villard of Westmoreland County, VA. Father of watchmaker & dentist Thomas Jefferson Villard, listed in the 1853 DC directory.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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