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OS, sterling

Olaf Skoogfors, sterling
Olaf Skoogfors
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(b.1930-d.1975) Handwrought and cast sterling modernist jewelry, some holloware & flatware. Studied at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art and The School for American Craftsmen in Rochester, NY. He established his Philadelphia studio in 1959.

Peer Smed, Hammer
Peer Smed
Brooklyn, New York
(b.1878-d.1943) Active c.1909-1943, Danish born and trained, Smed was an exceptional silversmith of Arts & Crafts handwrought sterling holloware & flatware in a Scandinavian inspired style. Father of, and teacher to, Lona P. Schaeffer and Dan Smed (1907-1951).

Art Smith Art Smith

New York, NY
Important studio jeweler

J. M. Smith, reversed S

J. M. Smith
John M. Smith
Nashville, Tennessee
Jeweler & watchmaker, only record is a newspaper announcement of the sale of his shop in 1835. The reversed "S" mark is the earlier version.

S Frank W. Smith Silver Co.
Gardner, Massachusetts ~ 1886 - 1958
High quality flatware & holloware, Arthur Stone was an early designer.

S, crescent, Lion

J.L.Smith John Leonard Smith
Syracuse, NY
Active c.1850 - 1855

R. Smith, Newark Richard Smith
Newark, New Jersey
Active 1850 - c.1876

Noble Smith, Sterling Shirley Smith
(Noble Smith)
active c.1960s, studio jeweler

Smith & Boerner
Smith & Boerner
Cincinnati, OH
Active c.1860-1864, Harry R. Smith & Charles G. Boerner Jr., successors to Beggs & Smith. Jewelers and silver retailers.

Smith & Smith, sterling
Smith & Smith
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Active from mid-20th C., became a division of Wallace Silversmiths in 1958. Primary production seems to be sterling cigar humidors and tobacco related items.

S, wreath A. M. Soffel Co.
Newark, NJ
Mid-20th century manufacturer.

A. Solowij, sterling Alexandra Solowij Watkins
active c.1950s to present, studio jeweler & silversmith. Co-owner of Janiye shop.

F.W.S. Frederick W. Spangenberg
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Active c.1875 - 1887
Retailer of silverware, jewelry and watches. His father George (b. Germany) was listed as jeweler in the 1871 Kingston directory.

Spaulding & Co, ChicagoSpaulding & Co.
Chicago, IL ~ founded 1888
Successors to S. Hoard & Co. (founded 1855). Manufacturers and retailers of jewelry, silverplate and sterling ware. The Gorham Manufacturing Co. was a part owner from the firm's inception and a full owner from the 1920's until 1943, the firm was named Spaulding-Gorham Inc. during these years. From 1943-1973 it again operated as Spaulding & Co.

<S>, Sterling
D. S. Spaulding Co.
Mansfield, Massachusetts
Active c.1896-1917, founded by Doliver S. Spaulding, manufacturers of sterling & plated jewelry & novelties.

James E. Spear
James Emmons Spear
Charleston, South Carolina
(b.1787-d.1863) Active c.1846-1871, silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker, primarily retailer. Partnership of Spear & Co. with J. Charles Wood (1849-1850)

I.Speer Isaac Speer
Chicago, IL
(b.1809 - d.1879) Active c.1842 - 57, as Speer & Cosper in 1852, as I. & E. W. Speer c. 1861 - 1869

Squire & Bros.
Squire & Brother
New York, NY
Active c.1845-1853 Bela Scoville Squire and Seth P. Squire, silversmiths, watchmakers, and jewelers.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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