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William Monroe Sehorn
Athens, Tennessee
(b.1817-d.1876) Active from c.1842, silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker. Mark is a tentative attribution, Williams' brothers, George Sehorn & John M. Sehorn are also possibilities.

Seib & Ankeny
Seib & Ankeny
Richmond, Indiana
Active c.1860's. Successors to C. A. Dickinson, succeeded by C. H. Ankeny (c.1870). Jewelers, watchmakers, opticians and retail silversmiths. Presumably Theodore W. Seib & Charles H. Ankeny.

S, square

S, square
Victor Seidman Mfg. Co.
Brooklyn, NY
Active c.1920-c.1930, manufacturer of sterling holloware.

John Selph
Fayetteville, North Carolina
(d.1838) Working silversmith, clock and watchmaker, active c.1804-1838. Partnerships: Selph & Tisdale with William Tisdale Jr. (c.1820), Selph & Campbell with, his former apprentice, John Campbell (1827-1829), Selph & Pyle with Benjamin Pyle II (1837-1838). John is possibly the father of Job Selph (1797-1854), a silversmith in Mississippi.

Selph & Pyle

Selph & Pyle
Selph & Pyle
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Active 1837-1838, John Selph & Benjamin Pyle II. Silversmiths, clock and watchmakers.

star, S, star

S, star

crown, S, star
Joseph Seymour
Syracuse, NY
Active c.1835 - 1887, usually in a partnership

O.D.Seymour Oliver D. Seymour
Hartford, CT
Active c.1850 Successor to Seymour & Hollister (c.1843-50)

G.S., Patent

Lion, S, Lion
George Sharp
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Active 1850-1874, important maker, produced exclusively for Bailey & Co. 1852 - 1866.

Geo. Sharp Jr., Atlanta, GA
George Sharp Jr.
Atlanta, Georgia
Active c.1867-1877. Retail silversmith & jeweler. Partnership of Sharp & Floyd (1871-1872). Sharp was previously active in Danville, Kentucky (1857-1864).

J. S. Sharrard
James S. Sharrard
(b.1816-d.1880) Working silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker, active c.1836-1880. Paris, KY (c.1836-1841), Shelbyville, KY (1841-c.1856), Henderson, KY (c.1856-1863), Louisville, KY 1863-1880. Father of A. Judson Sharrard, Robert E. Sharrard & William M. Sharrard, all of whom followed his trade.

WM. M. Sharrard
William M. Sharrard
(b.c.1838) Active c.1855-c.1880, silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker. Henderson & Harrodsburg, KY (c.1859-c.1876), Louisville, KY from c.1876. Partnership of Sharrard Brothers with A. Judson Sharrard (c.1860).

CCS, C.C.Shaver Charles C. Shaver
Utica, New York
Worked from c.1854 to at least 1884. Shaver's premises were damaged by fire in 1884, but he continued in business until his death in 1900.

head, crown, S Sheffield Silver Co.
Brooklyn, NY
Primarily a manufacturer of silverplated holloware, apparently made a small amount of sterling ware. Absorbed into Reed & Barton.

S, Sterling Shepard Mfg. Co.
Melrose Highlands, MA ~ 1893 - 1923
Specialists in sterling souvenir spoons, some enamel work.

A.F. Shepard
Alpheus Xavier Francis Shepard
Georgetown, Kentucky
(b.1795) Working silversmith, active c.1815-1831. Retired from silversmithing in 1831 and sold his shop to brother, Thomas Jefferson Shepard.

T.J. Shepard
Thomas Jefferson Shepard Sr.
Georgetown, Kentucky
(b.1801-d.1875) Working silversmith, active from 1831 after working as a smith for Beard & Ayers in Louisville. Brother of Alpheus Xavier Shepard with whom he had apprenticed.

S&B Sheperd & Boyd
Albany, NY
Active c.1810 - 1830 Robert Sheperd (b.1781 - d.1853) & William Boyd

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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