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crown, H, shield
M. Fred Hirsch Co.
Jersey City, New Jersey ~ c1920 - 1945
Sterling holloware. Succeeded by Fisher.

Hobe Hobe
New York, NY
Costume jewelry manufacturer, used sterling silver primarily during metal shortages of World War II, c.1942-1947.

Julius Hollister
Hartford, CT & Greenfield, MA
(b.1818 - d.1905) Active c1840's. Partner in Seymour & Hollister, Oswego NY ca. 1846

GEH George E. Homer
Boston, MA ~ 1875 - 1975+
Retail jewelers, the mark is found primarily on souvenir spoons and Homer was possibly only a retailer.


Hope, masonic symbol
David Hope
Knoxville, Tennessee
(b.1799-d.1869) Active 1828-1869, often used a Masonic device as part of his mark.

H&S Hotchkiss & Schreuder
Syracuse, NY
Active c1850 - 1871, David Hotchkiss & Andrew B. Schreuder.
Manufacturing silversmiths, mostly flatware including original patterns.

howard sterling

Howard & Co, New York
Howard & Co.
New York, NY ~ 1866 - 1922
High quality sterling.

H, four leaf clover, £

four leaf clover
Howard Sterling Company
Providence, RI ~ 1878 - 1902
Makers of sterling pattern flatware and souvenir spoons beginning in 1886, out of business by 1902. Many of their pattern dies went to the Roger Williams Silver Co.


E.H.& Co
E. Howard & Co.
Boston, Massachusetts
Important American watch & clock maker. Founded 1858, both predecessor and successor to Howard Watch and Clock Co. These marks seen on watch cases.

Silas W. Howell
Albany, New York
(b.1770-d.1818) Active prior to 1797 in Morristown, NJ. In Albany afterwards, involved in partnerships; Howell & Arnold and Howell & Hall.

Hoyt Hoyt
Location Unknown
Active 1st h. 19th C.

Geo. A. Hoyt George A. Hoyt
Albany, NY
Active c1822 - 1846

J.A. Hoyt James A. Hoyt
Troy, NY
Active c1838 - 1850

S.Hoyt Seymour Hoyt
New York, NY
Active c1817 - 1850, S. Hoyt & Co. c1842

Hume Bacon, Sterling
Hume Bacon
location unknown
Late 20th century, mark found on a piece of very well made handwrought sterling holloware.

eagle, H, lion Hunt Silver Company
New York & Chicago ~ c1930s - 1940s
Makers of sterling spun & weighted holloware.

Richard Huntington
Springfield, MA & Utica, NY
(b.1786 - d.1855) Active c1811 - 1823 in Springfield & 1823 - 1855 in Utica. Interim partnership of Huntington & Packard

H&P Huntington & Packard
Springfield, MA
Active c1820. Richard Huntington & Jonathan Packard

Hurst, Kingsbury Hurst & Kingsbury
New York, NY
active c.1940s/50s
Joan Hurst (1923-2000) and Jill Kingsbury (1909-2004), studio jewelers, exhibited in "Modern Jewelry Design" (1946), Museum of Modern Art, NY.

crossed swords Ada Husted-Andersen

New York, NY, studio jeweler & educator

Hyde & Goodrich
Hyde & Goodrich
New Orleans, Louisiana
Active 1816 - 1837, James N. Hyde & Charles Whiting Goodrich, located at 15 Chartres Street.

H&N Hyde & Nevins
New York, NY
Active 1814 - 1819, James N. Hyde & Rufus Nevins
J. N. Hyde went on to found Hyde & Goodrich of New Orleans.

H.Hyman RHD
Henry Hyman
Richmond, Virginia
(b.1808-d.1866) Active 1840s-50s, retail jeweler and silversmith at 96 West Main St.

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