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K.Leverett Knight Leverett
Boston, MA
(b.1703 - d.1753)


Levin, Ster, Benn
Ed Levin

New York, NY c1950-1964
Bennington, VT 1964-2008
Studio jeweler

Lewis & Smith Lewis & Smith
Philadelphia, PA
Active c1805 - 1811

L, wreath
Lewis Brothers
New York, NY
Active c.1890-c.1915, manufacturers of sterling silver jewelry and novelties. Mark has been noted on pieces similar to Shiebler's Homeric line. Maiden Lane address.

H.Lewis Harvey Lewis
Philadelphia, PA
Active c1811 - 1826, died 1835

I.Lewis Isaac Lewis
(b.1773 - d.1860) Active c1796 - 1809 in Huntington, c1810 - 1820 in Ridgefield, Ct.

JL John Lewis
East Gloucester, MA 1955-c1958
Ogunquit, Maine c1958-c1972
Boston, Massachusetts c1972-present

Lewittes Esther Lewittes

Los Angeles, CA
active late 1930s-1960s

L, wreath
Liebs Silver Co.
New York, NY
Active c.1915-c.1936, manufacturers of sterling holloware and novelties. 36 West 47th St.

Lincoln & Foss, Boston Lincoln & Foss
Boston, MA
Active c1850

Wm. Link
William Link Co.
Newark, NJ ~ 1871-c.1915
Link founded the firm in 1871, he went through a series of partners & name changes from 1875-1900, the firm name became the William Link Company in 1900. Manufacturer of tableware & novelties.

Little, Salem, rooster
David Mason Little
Boston & Salem, MA
(b.1860-d.1923) Active c.1907-1923, naval architect & mayor of Salem. He became interested in silversmithing late in life and apprenticed under George Gebelein.


William C. Little
Newburyport, MA
(b.1745 - d.1816)

Lobel, sterling Paul Lobel

New York, NY & Provincetown, RI
Industrial designer, sculptor & studio jeweler
Jewelry from c.1943

J.L.Locke, Handmade Jonathan LLoyd Locke
Titusville, Pennsylvania ~ (b.1901 - d.1974)
This mark was used c1950 - 1968. Mr. Locke began as an apprentice with Joel F. Hewes in 1914 and spent his entire working life in the shop. On Hewes' retirement in the early 1950's, Locke took over the shop and changed the mark stamp to match. Small shop, well made handwrought hammered work.

gryphon, L P. H. Locklin & Sons
New York, NY ~ c1920's
Manufacturers of sterling holloware, tableware & novelties, noted for gold embellishment.

V.Lollo V. Lollo
Brooklyn, New York
Active c.1930s-1950s, Vincent & Arthur Lollo, manufacturers of sterling holloware, often spun and weighted.

Thomas Long Co. Thomas Long Company
Boston, MA 1878 - Present
Sterling flatware & novelty items, costume jewelry manufacturer under the "Longcraft" trademark.

Longley Henry Longley
New York, NY
Active early 19th C.

G.Loomis, Erie Guy Loomis & Co.
Erie, PA
Active c.1837-1850

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