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Willey & Blaksley
Willey & Blaksley
Cincinnati, Ohio
Active c.1829-1835, Bushnell Willey (1806-1855) & Henry Blaksley. Silversmiths, succeeded by Scovil, Willey & Co.

D. Williams
Deodat Williams II
Boston, Massachusetts
(b.c.1788-d.1857) Active c.1811-c.1820, silversmith, nephew of silversmith Deodat Williams I (b.1754-d.c.1781) of Hartford, CT, from whom he may have inherited his mark stamp. Partnership with watchmaker Eli Johnson (c.1818). Williams is listed as proprietor of a "soda shop" from 1820 onwards.


Roger Williams Silver Co.
Providence, RI ~ c.1900 - 1913
Successor to the Howard Sterling Silver Co., merged with Mauser and Hayes & McFarland to become the Mt. Vernon Co. which became a division of Gorham in 1913.

W&V Williams & Victor
Lynchburg, VA
Active c.1814 - 1845, Jehu Williams Sr. & John Victor

Wm.S.Willis, Old South William S. Willis
Boston, MA
Active c.1830

HW Henry Wills
New York, NY
Active c.1774

Samuel Wilmot Sr.
New Haven, Connecticut
(b.1777-d.1846) Active from c.1798 silversmith. Partnership of Wilmot & Stillman (1800-1808). Cutten maintains that it is "altogether unlikely" that this is the Wilmot that worked in Georgia, and the historical record shows a Samuel Wilmot still active in New Haven community affairs in the 1820s & 1830s.

S. Wilmot
Samuel Wilmot Jr.
Georgetown, South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Savannah, Georgia
(b.1795), silversmith & jeweler, active in Georgetown (c.1825), and again (c.1835), in Charleston partnership of S. & T. T. Wilmot (c.1837-c.1842). Samuel seems to have returned to Georgetown by Nov. 1843, when his son, Samuel III is listed as having opened a daguerotype studio above his father's jewelry store. The Georgetown census of June, 1850 shows Samuel, aged fifty-five, listed as a silversmith. He removed to Savannah, GA that same year to take over the business of his cousin, Thomas T. Wilmot who had died of consumption. The firm was styled Wilmot & Co. and became Wilmot & Richmond a few years later.

T. T. Wilmot
Thomas Townsend Wilmot
Charleston, South Carolina
Savannah, Georgia
(b.1810-d.1850), silversmith, watchmaker & jeweler, in Charleston partnership of S. & T. T. Wilmot (c.1837-c.1842). Removed to Savannah by Oct. 1843 and stayed in business their until his death in 1850. Advertized a branch store in Columbus, GA in 1844.

S.& T.T. Wilmot
S. & T. T. Wilmot
Charleston, South Carolina
Active c.1837-c.1842, silversmiths, watchmakers & jewelers, partnership of cousins Samuel Wilmot Jr. & Thomas Townsend Wilmot. The firm originated in Bridgeport, Connecticut sometime between 1830 and 1835 and was later resurrected in Charlestown.

Byron Byron Wilson

San Francisco, CA
active c.1940s-c.1970s, studio jeweler

E.F.W Edwin Franklin Wilson
Rochester, NY
(b.1813 - d.1904) active c.1838 - c.1850, silversmith

R&W Wilson Robert & William Wilson
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1825 - 1846. Excellent workmanship.

W.W William Wilson
Abingdon, Maryland
(b.1755-d.1829) Active c.1781 - 1829

Wilson & Klein
Wilson & Klein
Vicksburg, Mississippi
Active 1842-1849 jewelers, watchmakers & retail silversmiths. Samuel H. Wilson (b.c.1812) & John Alexander Klein (b.c.1812-d.1884). Succeeded by Klein & Lampkin, later Klein & Brother.

W, triangle William Wilson & Son
Philadelphia, PA ~ c.1883 - 1909
Manufacturer of sterling and plated novelties.
Plated ware mark is the same W - in a circle.

C. Wiltberger Christian Wiltberger
Philadelphia, PA
(b.1766 - d.1851) Active c.1793 - 1819, in partnership of Wiltberger & Alexander (c.1797-1808)

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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