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crescent, W Watrous Mfg. Co.
Wallingford, Connecticut ~ 1896 - Present
Originally plated wares, began sterling line in the 1920's. Successors to Maltby, Stevens Co., in 1898 Watrous became a division of International.

crown, W, lion

crown, W, lion

dollar signs, sterling

sword, wreath
Watson Company
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Active 1880-1955, major manufacturers, full line sterling flatware, holloware, souvenir spoons, vanity items & novelties. Founded by Clarence L. Watson & Fred A. Newell as Watson, Newell & Co., later the Watson, Newell Co., and became the Watson Company by 1915. The Mechanics Sterling Co. was a subsidiary. Watson acquired the pattern dies and trademark of Wilcox & Wagoner after its demise c.1905. Watson was acquired by Wallace Silversmiths in 1955.

D.B. Warren
Watson & Briggs Co.
Attleboro, Massachusetts
67 Mechanic Street, active c.1930's, manufacturer of sterling silver and cloisonne toilet ware, specialties and novelties. Acquired by the Watson Co. in 1934.

dragon, chevrondragon, chevronhorsehead, chevron James Watts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Active c.1835-c.1881. Important flatware manufacturer, see Watts; Patterns & History

D.Weatherly David Weatherly
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1805 - 1850


N. N. Weaver
Nicholas N. Weaver
Utica, NY & Cleveland, OH
(b.1791 - d.1853) Active c.1817 - 1847 in Utica.

WEB, sterling Web Silver Company
Philadelphia, PA ~ c.1950 - Present
Holloware, flatware & novelties in sterling. Acquired flatware dies from Wiedlich in 1952.

Edward Webb
Boston, MA
(b.1666-d.1718), working silversmith. English born, arrived in Boston c.1704.

W Co., arrow Webster Company
North Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1894 - Present
Holloware,novelties and vanity items in sterling. From 1950 a division of Reed & Barton

Albert Wehde
Chicago, Illinois
(b.1868) Active 1st q. 20th C., accomplished silversmith, engraver & chaser working in the Arts & Crafts style. Prior to America's involvement in WWI, Wehde was imprisoned for espionage and fomenting rebellion against the British in India. Author of books; on silver chasing, fingerprint forgery and an autobiography.

W, owl Weidlich Sterling Spoon Co.
Bridgeport, Connecticut ~ c.1915 - 1952
Sterling flatware & souvenir spoons. Some holloware

J. Welch
John Welch
Fincastle, Virginia
Active 1st q. 19th C., arrived in Fincastle in the late 18th C., clock & watchmaker, jeweler & silversmith. Welch advertised in 1823 for a thirteen to sixteen-year-old boy to be an apprentice in the clock and watchmaking trade.

A&G WellesAlfred & George Welles
Boston, MA
Active c.1804 - 1810

Welles George I. Welles
Boston, MA & Hebron, CT
Active c.1784 - 1827

Wells, ster, tophat, W
Wells, Inc.
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Active 1922-1978, founded by Raymond L. Wells, jewelry manufacturer, primarily bracelet charms in sterling and some with enamel. Wells acquired the firm of R. Blackinton & Co. in 1967 and, in 1977, they were combined with Benrus. Jewelry manufacture ceased in 1978.

Geo. W. Welsh, 344 Greenwich St. George W. Welsh
New York, NY
Active mid nineteenth century.

W, lion

W, Lions
Wendell Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, Illinois ~ c.1885 - ?
Manufacturer, full line sterling flatware and holloware. Ceased flatware production c.1900

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