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W Co. Wendell & Co.
New York, NY ~ 1904 - 1909
NY Retail outlet of Chicago's Wendell Manufacturing Co.

W & Co.925-1000, shield John R. Wendt & Co.
New York, NY
Active c.1859-1870

John Wendt Flatware Patterns

B. Wenman

Bernard Wenman
New York, NY
Active c.1789 - 1834

Werman, sterling
location unknown
Active 1st H. 20th C., mark found on handwrought Arts & Crafts style sterling holloware.


Joe Werne, Louisville
Joseph Werne Jr.
Louisville, Kentucky
(b.1837-d.1903) Active from c.1858, jeweler, watchmaker & retail silversmith. Son of Joseph Werne Sr.(b.1808-d.1858) of Speigelhalder & Werne, Joe Werne most likely got his training there. Partnerships: John Kitts & Co. (c.1858-1863) with John Kitts and S. W. Warriner, Kitts & Werne(1864-1878), Werne traded under his own name thereafter.

Conn Harris West
Athens, Georgia
(b.1909-d.1992) Active mid-20th century, maker of handwrought sterling holloware and gold & silver jewelry. West studied with Ann Orr Morris, another Athens craftswoman.

WE West Earth Inc.
Seattle, WA ~ 1980-1985
Successors to E. J. Towle Co., succeeded by Metal Arts Group, Ltd.

J.L.W John L. Westervelt
Newburgh, NY
Active c.1826 - 1850

Wm. M. Weston
William Marcellus Weston
Boston & Melrose, Massachusetts
(b.1820-d.1901) In directories 1862-1894, watchmaker, jeweler & retail silversmith.

T.W.& Co. Thomas Whartenby & Co. (attrib.)
Philadelphia, Pa
Active c.1847-c.1851, 33 N. Sixth St.

Thomas Whartenby
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(b.c.1787-d.1861) Active c.1811-1850, working silversmith.

Whartenby & Bumm
Whartenby & Bumm
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Active c.1816-1818, working silversmiths. Thomas Whartenby & Peter Bumm.

Ralph Wheeler
Hudson, New York
(b.1807) Active from c.1835-aft.1875, watchmaker, jeweler & retailer, still listed as working in NYS census of 1875.

Wheeler & Son
Wheeler & Son
Salem, NJ
Active 1850/60s - watchmakers, jewelers & silversmiths

Handmade Sterling, Wheelock, Newport RI
Wheelock Silversmiths
Newport, Rhode Island
Active c.1948-c.1985, handwrought sterling holloware, some plated ware. Founded by Emil H. Pflock (b.1920-d.1990) & Frank G. Wheeler, Wheelock is derived from their surnames. Wheeler left the concern in the mid-50s, Pflock continued producing under the name until his retirement.

S. Wherrit
Samuel H. Wherritt
Richmond, Kentucky
(b.1799-d.1877) Active 1824-1877, working silversmith, clock & watchmaker. Highly successful in the trade, although marked silver examples are uncommon.

William Whetcroft
Annapolis, Maryland
(b.1735-d.1799) Active from c.1766-aft.1783, silversmith, clock & watchmaker, jeweler, gunsmith & importer. Also operated an iron mill at Elkridge Landing, near Baltimore.
1773 Whetcroft Advertisement

C. White, Mobile
Charles White
Mobile, Alabama
(b.1798-d.1848) Active from 1825, merchant, importer, clock & watchmaker, jeweler & silversmith.

P. White
Peregrine White
Boston, MA & Woodstock, CT
(b.1747-d.1834) Active 1767-1774 in Boston, 1774-1810 in Woodstock. Silversmith, clock and instrument maker

SW Silas White
New York, NY
Active 1791 - 1798, born Southampton, NY c.1737

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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