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Brinsmaid & Brothers
Burlington, Vermont
Active c.1842-1853
James E. Brinsmaid, Sedgwick S. Brinsmaid Sr., and William B. Brinsmaid. Large jewelers and retail silversmiths.

B&R Brower & Rusher
New York, NY
Active ca. 1837 - 1842

Seth E. Brown Seth E. Brown
Concord, NH
(1821 - 1884) Active c.1844-64

lion, B Thomas G. Brown & Sons
New York, New York c.1881 - 1915
Fine quality sterling, this company did some work for Gorham and also notable for Arts & Crafts work.

Brown & Kirby Brown & Kirby
New Haven, CT
Active ca. 1840 - 1857

S.A. Brown S.A. Brown
Location Unknown
Active second quarter 19th Century

Bryan John Bryan

Asheville, NC
active 1950s/60s, studio jeweler

BS, eagle, arm & hammer Bunnelle & Schreuder
Syracuse, NY
active 1853-1857
Francis A. Bunnell & Andrew B. Schreuder

FAB Francis A. Bunnell
Syracuse, NY
c.1862-1866, succeeded by F. A. Bunnell & Co.

F.A.B. & Co.

F. A. Bunnell & Co.
Syracuse, NY
Active ca. 1850's

John Burger
New York, NY
(b.1747 - d.1828) Apprenticed and later partnered (1779-1783) with Myer Myers. Worked independently from 1784 until his sons, David and Thomas joined with him from 1805-1807.

Burkee Irvin Burkee

Blackhawk, CO ~ c1951-1957
Aspen, CO ~ c1957-1978
Verde Valley, AZ ~ 1978-1994
Lake Montezuma, AZ ~ 1994-2007
Sculptor & studio jeweler, many of his jewelry pieces were collaborative works made with his wife, Bonnie Burkee

J.Burritt & Son Joseph Burritt & Son
Ithaca, NY
Active ca. 1838 - 1862

C.A. Burnett Charles A. Burnett
Georgetown, DC & Alexandria, VA
(b.1760 - d.1849) Active in Georgetown ca. 1785 - 1849

C. Burr Christopher Burr
Providence, RI
(b.1787 - d.1825)

C.A. Burr

C.A. Burr

C.A. Burr & Co.
Cornelius A. Burr
Rochester, NY
(b.1816 - d.1863) Active c.1838 to 1863, partnership with John T. Fox in C. A. Burr & Co. from 1857, this firm was absorbed into Sunderlin & Weaver of Rochester.


Ezekiel Burr
Providence, R.I.
(b.1765-d.1846) Active c.1785 - c.1830
Partnered with brother, William in the 1790's. Partner in Burr & Lee with Samuel Lee 1815-1819. Father and master to Christopher Burr.

S. R. Bushby
Samuel R. Bushby
Lynn, Massachusetts
(b.1835, d.1911) Listed as a watchmaker & jeweler 1860-1871, moved to Reading, PA in 1874.

Butler & M'Carty

Butler & McCarty
Butler, Wise & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1853-1860, watchmakers, jewelers & retail silversmiths. 131 North 2nd Street.

B.W.& Co Butler, Wise & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Active ca. 1842 - 1850, William H. Butler & George K. Wise

J. P. Butler
James P. Butler
Philadelphia, PA
Active 2nd H. 19th C., in partnership with James Watts 1859-1862

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