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Birks Sterling Henry Birks & Sons
Montreal, Quebec ~ 1879 - Present
Highly reputed Canadian firm.

B.S.& F. Black, Starr & Frost
New York, New York ~ 1874 - Present
Excellent quality makers and retailers of sterling holloware and novelties. Successors to Ball, Black & Co.

B.S.& G Black, Starr & Gorham
New York, NY
1940 - 1962

I. Black

James Black
Philadelphia, PA
Active ca. 1795 - 1822

R.B. Co.

B - Sword
R. Blackinton & Co.
North Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1862 - 1967
Sterling novelties, some flatware & small holloware. Absorbed into Raimond Silver Mfg. Co.

Blake & Lyon Blake & Lyon
Baltimore, Maryland
Active late 1840s, listed in Baltimore directory 1847/48 as dealers in watches, clocks & jewelry at 192 Baltimore St.


J.E.Blake Co
James E. Blake Co.
Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1889 - 1936
Sterling & plated novelty, vanity and small table items.


Asa Blanchard
Lexington, Kentucky
Active ca. 1808 - 1838
Also used an initial AB mark, died in 1838.

B09 George, Richard & Porter Blanchard
Gardner, Massachusetts ~ c.1909 - c.1923
The mark of father George P. Blanchard & his sons Porter & Richard, used after George left the employ of Arthur Stone.


Porter Blanchard

Porter Blanchard
Porter Blanchard (1886-1973)
Burbank, California ~ c.1923 - ?
High quality maker of handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flatware and holloware. Located in Gardner, Mass. until 1923. A founder of the Arts & Crafts Society of Southern California.

Blynn & Baldwin Blynn & Baldwin
Cincinnati, Ohio
Active ca. 1850's


sterling by boardman
J. C. Boardman & Co.
South Wallingford, Connecticut ~ founded 1953
Successors to Crest Silver Plate Co., acquired in 1975 by F.B. Rogers Co.

C.L.Boehme Charles Louis Boehme
Baltimore, Maryland
(b.1774 - d.1868) Active c.1795 - 1812

N.Bogert Nicholas J. Bogert
New York & Orange County, NY
Active ca. 1800 - 1825

E.Borsum Eivind Borsum
Chicago, Illinois
Active 1914-1923
Arts & Crafts silversmith, maker of holloware & flatware. Work sometimes retailed from the Boyden shop and also bears their mark.

FHB Frances Holmes Boothby
Weston, Vermont
active c.1950s/1960s, studio jeweler

Z.Bostwick Zalmon Bostwick
New York, NY
Active c.1841 - 1852, successor to William Thompson

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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