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H.Bosworth Howard Bosworth
Fredonia, NY
(b.1794 - d.1853) active from 1817; jeweler, watchmaker, silversmith.

MB, bird head Marcel Boucher
New York, NY
Costume jewelry manufacturer, used sterling silver primarily during metal shortages of World War II, c.1942-1947.

H.Boudo Heloise Boudo
Charleston, SC
Active ca. 1827 - 1837
Widow of the silversmith Louis Boudo, carried on his business until her death in 1837, succeeded by her daughter, Erma Leroy.

G.Boyce Gerardus Boyce
New York, NY
(b. ca.1796 - d.1880) Active ca. 1814 - 1854. In partnership - Boyce & Jones c. 1825 - 1830

JWB Joseph W. Boyd
New York, NY
Active ca. 1816 - 1820

F.S.Boyden Frank S. Boyden
Chicago, Illinois
Active 1903-1918
Well regarded Arts & Crafts silversmith, maker of holloware & jewelry with his own retail shop. Succeeded by the Boyden-Minuth Co.

boyer Merle N. Boyer
Honolulu, Hawaii
active from 1950s, studio jeweler

H. D. Brackett
Horace D. Brackett
Brattleboro, Vermont
Located at No. 1 Granite Row. Active in Vermont ca. 1840 - 1850. Relocated to Galesburg, Illinois by 1860, in Monmouth, Illinois by 1870. Listed as a jeweler.

B, eagle Theophilus Bradbury II
Newburyport, MA
(b.1793 - d.1848) Active ca. 1820 - 1830. Succeeded by Moulton & Bradbury

Z.Bradley Zebul Bradley
New York, NY
(b. ca.1780 - d.1859) Active ca. 1817 - 1850. In partnership - Merriman & Bradley c. 1817 - 1820 & Z. Bradley & Son c.1848

WJB&Co W. J. Braitsch & Co.
Providence, RI ~ c.1895 - 1922
Sterling novelty and vanity items.

Brand-Chatillon Brand Chatillon Co.
New York, NY ~ c.1910 - 1940's
Upscale Fifth Avenue retailer, possibly manufactured some of their own holloware & novelties.

EB Ephraim Brasher
New York, NY
(b.1744 - d.1810) Active ca. 1770? - 1801. Firms of E. Brasher & Co. c.1790 and Brasher & Alexander c.1800


Breadner Manufacturing Co.
Quebec, Canada
Founded 1903, primarily makers of silverplate, but did produce some sterling ware.

jules Brenner Jules Brenner

NY, NY & Provincetown, RI
active 1950s/60s, studio jeweler

CB&Co C. B. & Co.
Location Unknown
Active ca. 1860, probably a retailer, not Charles Brewer & Co. of Middletown, CT.

J.Brock John Brock
New York, NY
Active ca. 1831 - 1849

F.O.Brooks Frederick O. Brooks
Madison, Indiana
Active ca. 1853 - 1900

G.Brower G. Brower
New York
Active second quarter 19th Century

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