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BS, lion Baltimore Silvermiths Mfg. Co.
Baltimore, Maryland ~ 1903 - 1905
Changed name to Heer - Schofield in 1905, became Schofield Co. about 1930. High quality Baltimore style repousse flatware and holloware.

B.S.S.Co Baltimore Sterling Silver Co.
Baltimore, Maryland ~ 1892 - 1904
Firm that became Stieff in 1904. High quality Baltimore style repousse flatware and holloware.

J.J.Bangs John J. Bangs
Cincinnati, OH
Active c.1825 - 1840

BSC Barbour Silver Co.
Hartford, Connecticut
Founded in 1892 by Samuel L. Barbour. One of the original firms that formed the International Silver Co. in 1898. This mark was used long after Barbour became a part of International. Manufacturers of sterling and silverplated holloware.

C. Bard Conrad Bard
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1825-c.1850
In partnership of Bard & Hoffman c. 1837

C. Bard & Son Conrad Bard & Son
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1850

Bard & Lamont Conrad Bard & Robert Lamont
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1841 - 1845

Jas. P. Barnes James P. Barnes
Louisville, KY
active c.1843 -1869, retailer

NB Nathaniel Bartlett
Concord, MA
Active c.1760


Samuel Bartlett
Concord, MA
(b.1752 - d.1821) Active c.1775 - 1795.

BK Bates & Klinke
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Founded in 1919 by Harold Bates and Oscar F. Klinke. Manufacturing jewelers and silversmiths, many souvenir spoons.

B, trident Battin & Co.
Newark, NJ ~ 1896 - 1922
Manufacturers of Sterling and 14k gold novelties and personal items.

C.C. Beard & Co. Charles C. Beard
Columbus, Ohio
Worked for a couple of years in Cincinatti before relocating to Columbus c.1829, died there with his wife and child during the cholera epidemic of 1833.

R.Beauvais Rene Beauvais
St. Louis, Missouri
Prominent jeweler, watchmaker and silversmith, primarily retailer.

BH Becht & Hartl
Newark, NJ ~ c.1935-1950
Manufacturers of sterling holloware & novelties.

I. Bedichimer Isaac Bedichimer
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1860-after 1920, jewelry, watches & silverware retailer. 160 N. Second St., later at 616 Chestnut St.

KB Kenneth Begay

Scottsdale, AZ
active 1940s/70s, studio jeweler & silversmith

Beggs & Smith Beggs & Smith
Cincinnati, OH
Active c.1848-1861, Joseph P. Beggs & Harry R. Smith, predecessor to Beggs & Smith. Jewelers and silver retailers.

S.Bell Samuel Bell
Knoxville, Tennessee 1819-1851
San Antonio, Texas 1852-1882
(b.1798-d.1882)Silversmith, also known as a knife maker. Mayor of Knoxville, 1840-41 & 1844-45.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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