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American Silver Marks ~ Initial B

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American Marks Using Initials

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B, STAR B. A. Ballou & Co.

B, TRIDENT Battin & Co.

B09 George & Porter Blanchard

LION, B T. G. Brown & Sons

B Theophilus Bradbury II

B, Sword R. Blackinton & Co.

B.B Barzillai Benjamin


BBB Bailey, Banks & Biddle

BGO Gerrit Onkelbag

BH Becht & Hartl

BK Bates & Klinke

B&M Baldwin & Miller Inc.

BMCO Breadner Mfg. Co.

B&R Brower & Rusher

BS Bunnelle & Schreuder

BS Baltimore Silvermiths Mfg. Co.

BSC Barbour Silver Co.

BSSCO Baltimore Sterling Silver Co.

BT Benjamin Toppan

BT&B Ball, Tompkins & Black

UB Unger Brothers

BW Bernard Wenman

BW Benjamin Wynkoop II

BW&Co Butler, Wise & Co.

JEB James E. Blake Co.

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