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American Silver Marks ~ Initial M

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American Marks Using Initials

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M "M"

M, Sterling Daniel J. Mahoney

Maltby, Stevens & Curtiss Co.

Mauser Manufacturing Co.

Thomas McGrath Inc.

John C. Moore & Son

John C. Moore

Abel Moulton

M, anvil Mulholland Brothers

William B. Meyers Co.

Baker - Manchester Mfg. Co.

Mueck - Carey Co.

manchester sterling Manchester Silver Co.

Marcus & Company

Matthews Co.

meriden sterling Meriden Brittania Co.

mayer Joseph Mayer & Bros.

M&C "M&C"

The McChesney Company

Marshall Field

M. Fred Hirsch Co.

Michael Gibney

McGrath-Hamin Inc

Marcus Merriman

Marcus Merriman & Co.

M.P Maltby Pelletreau

M.P Matthew Petit

Pryor Mfg. Company

Mary Peyton Winlock

MR Max Rieg

Middletown Silver Company

H. R. Morss

ML Matthias Lemaire

MR Maria Regnier

Frederick A. Miller

JPM John Paul Miller

Metallurgic Art Co.

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