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Saunders Pitman
Providence, Rhode Island
(b.1734-d.1804) Active c.1755-1804, working silversmith. Partnerships: Pitman & Dodge with Seril Dodge (c.1793), Pitman & Dorrance with Samuel Dorrance (1795-1800).

Albert Pitts

Albert Pitts
Taunton & Berkeley, MA
(b.1822) Active c.1850-1880s, jeweler, watchmaker & retail silversmith. Trained with his father Abner Pitts, a jeweler & clockmaker. Moved from Taunton to Berkeley in the 1870s.

George Wood Platt
New York, NY
(b.1798-d.1881) Active 1824-1828, silversmith, succeeded by G. W. & N. C. Platt

Platt & Brothers
G. W. & N. C. Platt
New York, NY
Active 1828-1835, George W., Nathan C. & David Platt. Successors to G. W. Platt.

Platt & Brothers
Platt & Brothers
New York, NY
Active 1836-1846, George W., Nathan & David Platt. Successors to G. W. & N. C. Platt.

Platt & Bro.
Platt & Brother
New York, NY
Active 1846-1863, George W. & Nathan C. Platt. Successors to Platt & Brothers.

William Augustus Platt
Columbus, Ohio
(b.1809-d.1882) Active 1830-1850, silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler. Went into business & finance after 1850.

William Poindexter
Lexington, Kentucky
Either William P. Poindexter (father, 1792-1869), William A. Poindexter (son, 1818-1884), or both from their partnership, William Poindexter & Son (c.1837-c.1846). Silversmiths, jewelers & watchmakers.

JP, star
John Polhamus (Polhemus)
New York, NY
Active c1833-1874 usually in a partnership. Notable designer, patented a number of flatware patterns and also produced for Tiffany. His flatware dies later came into the possession of George Shiebler who continued to produce a number of his patterns.
Polhamus Flatware Patterns

JoPoL Joan Polsdorfer (JoPoL)

Marin County, CA
active c1940-c1960
Studio jeweler, produced for Jensen USA in the late 40s, independently afterwards.

THP, conjoined

dragonfly, Kwo-Ne-She, handwrought, Pond
Theodore Hanford Pond
Baltimore, Maryland
(b.1873-d.1933) Active c.1895-1933, director of applied arts programs at a number of notable institutions in RI, NY, MD, & OH. Founded the Pond Applied Arts Studios in Baltimore (1911-1914) and then returned to academia. Arts & Crafts maker of handwrought sterling, copper & brassware, also a painter.

Sterling by Poole Poole Silver Co.
Taunton, Massachusetts
Active 1893-1971, then absorbed into Towle. Plated ware, sterling line added 1946, brass line added 1964.

F. Porter Sterling, FP
Franklin Porter
Danvers, Massachusetts
(1869-1935) Arts & Crafts silversmith, began making handwrought sterling at the age of fifty-five in 1924.

H.C.P Henry C. Porter
New York, NY

Frederick J. Posey
Hagerstown, MD & Shepherdstown, VA
c1820-1842, last year in VA. Silversmith & watchmaker.

Pratt, Sterling Katherine Pratt
Dedham, MA ~ c.1915-c.1940
Handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling, member of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts

Preisner, Sterling Preisner Silver Co.
Wallingford, Connecticut
1935-Present?, sterling holloware, much of it spun and weighted.

Sheild, P, lion, keys Prill Silver Co.
New York, NY
1936 - Present?, founded as Edward Prill Inc. in 1936, became Prill Silver Co. c1940. Sterling holloware, mostly spun and weighted.

E. Profilet
Emile Profilet
Natchez, Mississippi
(b.1801-d.1868) Active 1822-1868, jeweler & retail silversmith. Spent a year in business at New Orleans before removing to Natchez.

MP Co Pryor Manufacturing Co.
Newark, NJ ~ c.1915
Merged with B. M. Shanley Jr. Company within a few years of its founding.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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