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P&U Pelletreau & Upson
New York, NY
Maltby Pelletreau & Stephen Upson, c.1824

EP Elias Pelletreau I
Southampton, NY
(b.1726-d.1810) active from 1750, apprenticed under Simeon Soumaine.
Elias Pelletreau II
Southampton, NY


Maltby Pelletreau
New York, NY
(1791-1846) active c1813-1835 Born in Southhampton, LI, son of Elias Pelletreau II, Maltby partnered with Stephen Upson as Pelletreau & Upson c.1824 and figured in Pelletreau, Bennett & Cooke c1826-28, he worked independently afterwards.

Pennino, Sterling
Pennino Jewelry Co.
New York, NY
Costume jewelry manufacturer, used sterling silver primarily during metal shortages of World War II, c.1942-1947.

H.J.Pepper Henry J. Pepper
Wilmington, DE & Philadelphia, PA
(b.1789-d.1853) in Wilmington c1810-1827, Philadelphia c.1828-1850

PP Peter Perraux (Perreaux)
Philadelphia, PA
c. 1797

PP, paul petersen sterling

Carl Poul Petersen
Montreal, Canada
(1895-1977) Active c1944-1975, Danish born, Petersen apprenticed with Georg Jensen 1908-1913, and married Jensen's daughter, Inger, in 1922. The relocated to Montreal in 1929 where Petersen worked as master smith at Henry Birks & Son from 1932. He left that firm to create independently from 1944.

M.P Matthew Petit
New York, NY

Alexander Petrie
Charleston, South Carolina
(b.c.1707-d.1768) Active c.1745-1766, exceptional silversmith & jeweler.

E. P. Pettes
E. P. Pettes
Boston, Massachusetts
c.1833-c.1838, listed for "Jewelry & Fancy Goods" at 226 Washington (1834 Boston directory). Possibly Eleazer P. Pettes, active later in St. Louis as a merchant.

HP, conjoined
Henry Petzal
Manchester, NF & La Jolla, CA
(b.1906-d.2002) German emigre, active from 1957. Self taught starting at the age of fifty, maker of handwrought holloware. Well regarded for fine craftsmanship.

HLP, Porter

HLP, Philbrick
Helen Louise Porter Philbrick
Danvers & Duxbury, Massachusetts
(b.1910-d.2011) Active c.1932-c.1950, an Arts & Crafts silversmith, she trained and worked with her father, Franklin Porter. Work in the collections of Yale and Peabody Essex Museums.

J. L. Phillips
Baltimore, MD
Active third quarter 19th century, probably a retailer.

TP, Paris
Thomas Phillips
Paris, Kentucky
(b.1774-d.1843) Active c.1792-c.1818 in Paris, c.1818-c.1820 in Hopkinsville, c.1820-c.1827 back in Paris, c.1827-c.1831 in Lawrenceburg. In the partnership of Phillips & Frazer with Alexander & Robert Frazer Sr. until 1799. Phillips is buried in Todd County, Kentucky.

J. Picard & Co. J. Picard & Co.
Location unknown

Benjamin Pierpont
Boston, Massachusetts
(b.1756-d.c.1797) Active c.1760-c.1790, silversmith and jeweler.

Lillian Pines, Sterling
Lillian Pines
New York, NY
(b.1897-d.1995) Arts & Crafts maker of handwrought sterling jewelry, much of it filigree work. A friend of Mary Gage, their jewelry has many similarities.

Charles Piquette, Detroit
Charles Piquette
Detroit, Michigan
(b.1813-d.1859) Active c.1833-1859, silversmith, jeweler and pen maker. Trained with his father, Jean-Baptiste Piquette and had an early partnership with his brother, John B. Piquette (b.1809-d.1851).

Hartford, CT
19th Century - Large family of Hartford silversmiths, this mark could belong to any number of them.

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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