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G J, turtle Goodnow & Jenks
Boston, Mass. ~ 1893 - 1905
Fine makers & retailers of sterling holloware and novelties, they were the principle suppliers to Boston's upper crust during their time. Successors of Kennard & Jenks.

Horace Goodwin - Hartford, CT
(b.1787 - d.1864) Active c1811 - 1852
In partnership with brother, Allyn, in first half of 1820's

Gorham & Webster Gorham & Webster
Providence, RI
Active 1831 - 1837, Jabez Gorham & Henry L. Webster, predecessors to Gorham, Webster & Price

J.Gorham & Son Jabez Gorham & Son
Providence, RI
Active c1841 - 1850, successors to Gorham, Webster & Price, predecessors to Gorham & Thurber

Gorham & Thurber Gorham & Thurber
Providence, RI
Active c1850 - 1852. John Gorham & Gorham Thurber, succeeded by Gorham & Co.

lion, anchor, G

Gorham & Co.
Gorham & Co.
Providence, RI
Active c1852 - 1865. predecessors to Gorham Mfg. Co.

Gorham Gorham Mfg. Co.
Providence, RI
1865 to Present
see • Gorham Date Code Marks

anchor, Gorham Gorham Mfg. Co.
Mark used on Brass, Copper, Iron (last quarter 19th century) and Silverplate (20th century)

EM, lion anchor G Gorham Mfg. Co.
mark on modernist pieces designed by, the Danish smith, Erik Magnussen from 1925 to 1929

M.Gorham Miles Gorham
New Haven, CT
(b.1757 - d.1847)

Gould & Lewis Co. Gould & Lewis Co.
Location Unknown ~ 20th Cent.
Probably retailers


Graff, Washbourne & Dunn
New York, NY ~ 1899 - 1961
Good quality makers of sterling holloware and novelties. Successors of Wood and Hughes, GWD was acquired by Gorham in 1961.

Gra-wun Ray Graves
Scottsdale, Arizona
active c.1960s/70s
Silversmith & studio jeweler

Robt.Gray Robert Gray
Portsmouth, NH
(b.1792 - d.1860) Active from c1813

Greenleaf & Crosby Greenleaf & Crosby
Palm Beach, Florida
c.1890 - present
Retail jewelers

G, eagle, indian George Greenleaf
Newburyport, Massachusetts
(b.1790-d.1872) Active from c.1823, silversmith & watchmaker

C.F.Greenwood & Bro.
C. F. Greenwood & Brother
Norfolk, Virginia
Active 1851-1904, 158 Main St., retail jewelers, silversmiths & watchmakers. Charles F. & Frederick Greenwood

Gregg, Hayden & Co. Gregg & Hayden
New York, NY & Charleston, SC
Active c1832 - 1846. Also as Hayden & Gregg

Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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