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Gebelein, Boston

George Gebelein
Boston, Massachusetts ~ 1909 - c1950's
Handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling, mostly traditional forms.

IG James Geddy
Williamsburg, Virginia ~ (b.1731 - d.1807) Active c1750 - 1783. In 1783 he relocated to Petersburg, VA and continued working until his death at age 76. His sons John Jr. and William Waddill Geddy were also silversmiths. The mark illustrated is a facsimile used by William DeMatteo on reproductions of Geddy pieces made at the Colonial Williamsburg Restoration.

HG Hans Gehrig

Montreal, Canada
Active from c1960, studio jeweler


Hugh Gelston
Baltimore, MD
(1794 - 1873) In the partnership of Welles & Co., Boston c1811-1815. In partnership of Gelston & Gould, Baltimore 1816-1821. Worked independently in Baltimore from 1822 - c1833.

G, penguin Genova Silver Co.
New York, NY
active 1950s
Manufacturers or sterling holloware.

Germer, Sterling George Germer
Boston, MA / Mason, NH
Arts & Crafts silversmith & jeweler, specialized in ecclesiastical items.

IWG John W. Gethen
Philadelphia, PA
Active ca. 1811 - 1818

W.Gethen William Gethen
Philadelphia, PA
Active ca. 1797 - 1808

MG Michael Gibney
New York, NY
Active c1836 - 1851. In partnership of Gibney & Reade c1847

E.Gifford Ellis Gifford
Fall River, Massachusetts
(b.1809-d.1866) Active c1825-1866, silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker

G, sterling F. S. Gilbert
North Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ c1904 - c1915
Sterling Flatware

Gilbert Philo B. Gilbert
New York, NY
Active c1830 - 1868. Flatware maker, patented an original pattern in 1867.

Gillett Joab Gillett
Cazenovia, NY
Active c1810 - 1833.

G. Gilman G. Gilman
Location Unkown
Active mid-19th C.


John Ward Gilman
Exeter, NH
(b.1741 - d.1823) Active c1760 - c1792
Ensko attributes the second mark to Gilman, easily confused with the unpelleted mark of J. W. Gethen.

Arthur Gilmore Arthur Gilmore Inc.
New York, NY
active 1st H. 20th C.
Luggage specialists, mark is found on vanity case & travel items.

Gilmore Craftsmen Gilmore Craftsman
location unknown
Late 20th century, handwrought sterling holloware.

J.B.Ginochio John B. Ginochio
New York, NY
Active c1837 - c1854

W.H. Glenny, Sons & Co.
W.H. Glenny, Sons & Co.
Buffalo, NY
Department Store - Mark found on flatware, mostly souvenir spoons.

Goddard Goddard
Location Unknown ~ c1830
Probably one of the Worcester, MA family of silversmiths.

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