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Silver Marks ~ Germany ~ Before 1886

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Assay marks for silver purity found on German and Prussian silver of the 18th & 19th centuries.

The Lot system divided silver into 16 parts
16/16 = pure silver     •     15 lot =.937 14 lot =.875 13 lot =.812 12 lot =.750
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German City Marks ~ Before 1886

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The Arms of a city often reflected the imagery used in its town mark, where this was the case, an image of the city's arms is included for comparison.

BRUNSWICK Town Mark Braunschweig (Brunswick) City Mark
Lower Saxony
Year numerals included only in 1819 and 1820.
Butzow Town Mark Bützow City Mark
Mark used 2nd half 19th cent., could be either Bützow or Bamberg.
Darmstadt Arms
Darmstadt City Mark
Variations on the rampant lion were used from the 17th century through the late 19th century. The cartouche evolved from a shield to an oval, back to a shield and finally a diamond form in the 19th C.
Danzig germanyDanzig Town MarkDanzig Arms
Danzig City Mark
Variations on the "crown and two crosses" were used from the 17th century and into the 19th century.
Danzig is now Gdansk, Poland
Dessau Town Mark Dessau City Mark
Variations on the block letter D were used from the 17th century through the early 19th century when it was changed to a script letter.
Dresden Town Mark Dresden City Mark
Variations on the crossed swords and D were used from the early 18th century through the late 19th century.
Elberfeld City Mark Town MarkElberfeld Arms Elberfeld City Mark
North Rhine-Westphalia
18th century
Elberfeld is now a district within the city of Wuppertal.
Elbing Town MarkElbing, PrussiaElbing Arms Elbing City Mark
Elbing is now Elblag in Poland
Erfurt Town MarkErfurt Town Mark Erfurt City Mark
Variations on the block letter E were used from the 17th century through the late 18th century. The cartouche shield can be lobed , plain or oval. Rectangle from a mid 19th C. example.
Flensburg Town Mark Flensburg City Mark
Depicts a castle tower with a partial lion passant extending to the left from center.
Frankfurt Town MarkFrankfort am Main Arms Frankfurt am Main City Mark
Early examples lacked the lothig number and sometimes showed an "F" on the eagle's breast. Beginning in the late 18th cent., the standard number was added.
Frankfurt OderTown Mark

Frankfort an der Oder Arms
Frankfurt an der Oder City Mark
Mark depicts a cockerel, second example (photo) is an unverified example.
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