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Alphabetical Listing of Silverplate Manufacturers by Maker's Name
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R&B, S, EP, aladdin's lamp Roberts & Belk
England, UK

Bell Roberts, Cadman & Co. from c.1785
Roberts, Smith & Co. 1844 - 1848
Smith, Sissons & Co. 1848 - 1858
William & George Sissons 1858 - 1891

England, UK

R&D, L


Roberts & Dore, Silverplated, England
Roberts & Dore
from c.1910
England, UK

Rochester Stamping Works, Rochester NY Rochester Stamping Works
1888-1900, holloware in copper, brass and nickel plate, possibly some silverplating, succeeded by Rochester Stamping Co. (1900-1922)
Rochester, NY

Rockford Silver P. Co., quadruple, scales Rockford Silver Plate Co.
1882-1956, became Sheets-Rockford in 1925
Rockford, IL

J, Crown, G, RSPC

Crown Guild, Rockford
Rockford Silver Plate Co.
1892-c.1904, "Jeweler's Crown Guild" trademark
Rockford, IL

R, triangle, SP Copper, Sheffield Reproduction

R, triangle, SP Copper, Sheffield Reproduction
Roden Brothers
founded 1891, acquired by Henry Birks & Sons in the 1950s
Toronto, Ontario

Rodgers, EP, star, maltese cross

Joseph Rodgers & Sons, EP, star, maltese cross

JR, EP, star, maltese cross
Joseph Rodgers & Sons
founded 1860
England, UK

Rogers & Bro, triple plate, fist, arrows

Rogers & Bro, A1
Rogers & Bro.
Waterbury, CT

1847 Rogers Bros, A1 Rogers Brothers
founded 1847, silverplate flatware manufacturers, became a division of International Silver Co. in 1898
Hartford, CT

Rogers, Smith & Co., Hartford, Conn Rogers, Smith & Co., New Haven Ct, No.

Rogers, Smith & Co., New Haven Conn Rogers, Smith & Co., Meriden Ct, quadruple

Rogers, Smith & Co., A1
Rogers, Smith & Co.
1857-1898, absorbed Rogers Brothers Mfg. Co. in 1861, became a subsidiary of Meriden Brittania in the mid-1860s, hence a part of International Silver Co. in 1898
Hartford, CT (1857-1862)
New Haven, CT (1862-1877)
Meriden, CT (1877-1904)

F. B. Rogers Silver Co., crown 1883 F. B. Rogers Silver Co.
founded 1883, became a division of National Silver Co. in 1955
Taunton, MA

HRS&Co, flag Henry Rogers, Sons & Co.
from 1897
England, UK

J.Rogers Silver Co., JRSCo, quadruple J. Rogers Silver Co.
1902-1929, acquired by Oneida
New York, NY

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