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Alphabetical Listing of Silverplate Manufacturers by Maker's Name
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Pictorial Marks ~ Silverplate

John Grinsell & Sons

Roswell Gleason & Sons

Benjamin Grayson & Son

Cooper Bros.

Nathaniel Smith & Co.


Ernst Hecker

(W├╝rttembergische Metallwarenfabrik)

Manning, Bowman & Co.

John Wanamaker


Browett, Ashberry & Co.

Sheridan Taunton

Charles Howard Collins


Lehman Brothers Silverware

Dodge Inc.

James Dixon & Sons

Barbour Silver Co.

Oxford Silversmiths

Theodore Starr

Harrison Bros. & Howson


Three Crowns Silversmiths

Homan Mfg. Co.

E. & J. Bass

E. G. Webster & Son

E. G. Webster & Son

Friedman Silver Co.

Gotscher & Co.

Hans Jensen

Franklin Silver Plate Co.

Lawrence B. Smith Co.


Anchor Silver Plate Co.

Derby Silver Plate Co.

Roberts, Cadman & Co.
Roberts, Smith & Co.
Smith, Sissons & Co.

T. & J. Creswick

Francis Howard

Barker Brothers

Joseph Ridge & Co.

Waterhouse & Co.

Barker Brothers

Mappin Bros.

Ellis-Barker Silver Co.

Barbour Silver Co.

T. Marthinsen
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