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Alphabetical Listing of Silverplate Manufacturers by Maker's Name
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arrow, target, bullseye Carl Eickhorn
20th C.

EL, crown

EL, crown
Eisenberg-Lozano Inc
founded 1953, importer & distributor of European & British made silverplate, acquired by Kirk in 1970
New York, NY

E&Co, crown

E&Co, Elkington Plate

E&Co, Elkington Plate
Elkington & Co.
c.1840-c.1963, crown symbol used only until 1897
England, UK

EM&Co Elkington, Mason & Co.
England, UK

EM&Co Thomas Ellin & Co.
from 1907
England, UK


Elliot, S
Joseph Elliot & Sons
England, UK

pineapple, epns

menorahscallop shell

MS,SM, shieldgateway
Ellis-Barker Silver Co.
From 1931, formerly Barker Brothers
England, UK

known as Ellis-Barker in the U.S., the firm was Barker-Ellis in the U.K.

Pineapple from 1906
Menorah from 1912
Scallop Shell from 1912
"MS" from 1912
Gate from 1932

CE&Co Charles Ellis & Co.
1855 - 1900
England, UK

Gladwin Ltd, sheffield, Embassy Embassy
trademark see; Gladwin Ltd.

Empire Art Silver, E&JB Empire Art Silver
1890 - c.1930, trademark of E. & J. Bass
New York, NY

Empire, ESCo Empire Silver Co.
20th C.,trademark of Benedict Mfg. Co.
East Syracuse, NY

English Silver Mfg. Corp.

English Silver Mfg. Corp., Lions
English Silver Mfg. Corp.
Brooklyn, NY

EPBM E. P. B. M.
Electro Plated Britannia Metal
Generic mark used by some firms.

EPC E. P. C.
Electro Plated Copper
Generic mark used by some firms.


E. P. N. S.
Electro Plated Nickel Silver
Generic mark used by many firms.

EPWM E. P. W. M.
Electro Plated White Metal
Generic mark used by some firms.
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