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Hector Aguilar Hallmarks

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Hector Aguilar was born in 1905, at the age of thirty he began working as the shop manager for William Spratling at Taller de las Delicias. A sharp businessman, only three years later Aguilar secured the financial backing of a number of investors which enabled him to open his own workshop in 1939. Amongst the backers was Valentin Viduarreta, a talented artist and designer who was responsible for many of Aguilar's early designs.
About 1943, due to wartime metal shortages in the U. S., Aguilar secured a lucrative contract to produce silver jewelry for the large American costume jewelry firm, Coro, and the Aguilar workshop manufactured handmade pieces for them until around 1950.
His financial success, due in large part to superior merchandise combined with business acumen, enabled Aguilar in 1948 to open the Taller Borda, which quickly became one of the premier retail silver outlets in Taxco. Taller Borda sold the full line of first quality sterling jewelry, holloware, flatware and novelties produced at the Aguilar workshops.
The firm prospered for many years until its closure in 1966. Aguilar enjoyed a long retirement and died in 1986.
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HA intaglio
1940 - 1945
used with both 940 & 990 silver standard marks

HA intaglio variation
1940 - 1948
used with both 940 & 990 silver standard marks

HA in Circle
1943 - 1948

Coro Mark
c. 1943 - c.1947
Used on jewelry manufactured by Aguilar under contract to Coro.

Coro Applique Mark
c. 1943 - c.1947
Used on jewelry manufactured by Aguilar under contract to Coro.

"Long Tail"

origins are suspect

HA intaglio
1948 - c.1955
with Eagle #9

HA incuse
1948 - 1962
with Eagle #9, used with or without "Taller Borda" mark

Taller Borda
1949 - 1955
usually with Eagle #31

Stylized HA
1949 - 1962
with Eagle #31 until c.1955, with Eagle #9 until 1962.

Short Leg HA
1955 - 1962

HA Copper
1939 - 1962
Used on copper objects and holloware, often includes a pattern number.
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