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Sigi ~ Work Examples

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Sigfredo Pineda was born in Taxco in 1929, at the age of ten he began his apprenticeship in a small Taxco filigree silver workshop. Throughout his teens he traveled Mexico working in various silver workshops acquiring skills and experience. He spent three year working silver with Los Castillo and four years working with silver and enamel for Margot de Taxo. In 1952, at the age of 23, he set up an independent workshop to create his own modernist designs. He is still producing original work today.

Sigi Pineda
maker's mark usually with
Eagle 3, 35 or 36

Sigi Sterling & Amethyst Brooch

Sigi Sterling & Rosewood Cufflinks

Sigi Sterling & Thulite Necklace

Sigi Oxidized Sterling Brooch

Sigi Oxidized Sterling Pendant

Sigi Sterling & Pearl Bracelet

Sigi Oxidized Sterling & Obsidian Brooch

Sigi Sterling & Tiger's Eye Pin

Sigi Sterling & Turquoise Earrings

Sigi Sterling & Onyx Brooch

Sigi Sterling Pin

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