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World Hallmarks Overview
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European Hallmarks Norway

19th & 20th Cent.
Silver standard and maker's mark.

Norwegian Silver Marks
Polish Hallmarks

Poland Hallmarks

Polish Silver marks

Polish Hallmarks
after 1920
Portuguese Hallmarks

Portuguese Silver MarksPortugal Hallmarks
Portugal 1886 - 1938

Both eagle and boar were used, stamp shape changed to indicate city of assay. In 1938, the Roman numerals changed to Arabic numerals and the boar mark retired.
Portuguese Assay Marks - from 1938

Portuguese Assay Marks - Current
Russian Hallmarks Russia

Guide to Russian Hallmarks
Scottish Hallmarks

Scottish Hallmarks - Glasgow

18th C. - present
top ~ town mark of Edinburgh
bottom ~ town mark of Glasgow

British Hallmarks
Spanish hallmarks, Plata de Ley

spanish silver marks
1934 - Present

Pentagram is a quality mark indicating a minimum of .915 purity, it is usually accompanied by a maker's mark in a hexagonal stamp or an importer's mark in a triangle.
Swedish Hallmarks

Sweden Hallmarks

1912 - Present
Marks used from mid 18th Cent.- 1912 are very similar.
Swedish Hallmarks
& Date Marks
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