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Yogya silver marks

indonesian silver marks
after c.1930
decimal standard mark, usually accompanied by a maker's mark.

Yogya Silver

persian silver marks

iranian silver marks
20th Cent.

84 standard mark = .875 purity, it is usually accompanied by a maker's or town mark.

The lion mark was used c.1967-79. The example is for .875 silver, double line around the cartouche indicated .900 silver.
Iraqi Hallmarks Iraq
mid 20th Century

left: Assay, indicates city of assay and silver standard of .800, other standards likely exist
middle: National mark, map of Iraq
right: Arabic date letter.
c.1730 to 1923
Examples have the (harp) town mark for Dublin.
British Hallmarks
Israeli Hallmarks Silver Israel
c.1950s to 1970s
Usually with "Israel" and sometimes a maker's mark.
More information is needed.
Italian Hallmarks Silver Italy

Italian Hallmarks
from 1872
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