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Danish Silversmiths & Jewelers - Makers' Marks
1893 - 2000

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Danish Makers' Marks
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Danish Assay Marks


ZH Peter B. Z. Hansen - Ørsted 1986 - 1988
Zinglersen Carl Zinglersen - Odense 1909 - 1967
Zoega Andreas Vilhelm Zoega - Copenhagen 1911 - 1937
In 1893, a law was enacted in Denmark that standardized a new system of silver marking. Required were: Maker's Mark, Numerical Standard Mark, Assay Mark (three tower), and Assay Master's Initial Mark. The minimum standard of silver purity was .826, this was amended to .830 in 1936 and .925 became the other official standard, although it had been commonly used before, especially on silver made for export.

As the 20th century progressed, the official state hallmarks are found less and less, they were officially retired in 1977, it had already become common practice for pieces to be marked only with the maker's intials, 925S and, sometimes, Sterling and "Denmark".
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