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Silver Assay Marks ~ Denmark

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Danish Makers' Marks
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Danish Assay Marks

1825     1893     1913     1939    
The "Three Tower Mark" was instituted in 1608 as the official city mark of Copenhagen. Other Danish cities (e.g. Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense, Viborg) had their own marks until 1893 when the Copenhagen Three Towers became the national mark for Denmark. This mark guarantees a silver purity minimum of 826/1000 (unless a higher standard mark is indicated). Each year the design of the mark was slightly changed - making it unique, the numbers below indicate the year (four digits were used until 1771, two digits after, with a few exceptions). The Three Towers were always marked in conjunction with the initial mark of the Assay Master (Stadtsguardein), it was he who took final responsibility of guarantee. The use of both marks was discontinued by 1977.
(note: the last mark illustrated, the two towers, was used only on silverplated ware ca.1890s to 1930s)

Danish Assay Master Marks
(Stadsguardein Maerker)

Conrad Ludolph

Peter Nicolai von Haven

Christopher Fabritius

Frederik Fabritius

Christian Næboe

Jacob Graah Fabritius
Christian Olsen Møller

Peter R. Hinnerup

Simon Groth
Christian F. Heise

Johannes Siggaard

note: commonly misattributed as "Jens Sigsgaard"

Gerhard Hansen

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